[Avc2020] Classrooms renovations update

Karen Roche kroche at upei.ca
Thu Aug 11 15:45:18 ADT 2016

AVC Faculty, Staff and Students:

This summer we launched a much needed project to improve our teaching
spaces. The renovations to Lecture Theatres B and C will create an enhanced
learning environment for our students.  We have been able to incorporate a
great number of the suggestions provided by the AVC community which will
improve functionality. We also heard you with respect to noise levels in
Lecture Theatre A and noise cancelling casters are being installed there as
well! Thank you to Leigh Lamont, Etienne Cote and Sue Dawson for their
leadership of this project.

The renovation was slated to be fully complete before classes begin this
semester.  This was a very tight timeline and, as many will be aware, we
booked classes in the Learning Commons for the first 6 weeks as a
contingency.  At this point in time, the construction schedule shows that
Lecture Theatre B will be available on the first day of classes with
Lecture Theatre C being complete by the end of that week. Dr. Lamont's
office will update the schedule in E*Value as this becomes more firm.

Given the complexity of this project and the long-term benefits to our
program, a one week delay in one of the two lecture theatres is a very good
outcome.  Again, I want to thank everyone involved and ask for your
patience as we work through scheduling issues in the first week of classes.



Greg Keefe, DVM MSc MBA
Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave
Charlottetown PE CANADA
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