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AVC Class of 2020, 
Please read the important information below and if you haven't already accessed campus login or logged into moodle,  please do so.  Academic & Student Affairs will be using your UPEI email address to communicate with you during the school year so please make sure to check it frequently.
We look forward to meeting everyone at the end of next week and safe travels to those of you moving to P.E.I.
Heather MacSwain
University of Prince Edward Island - Atlantic Veterinary CollegeAccess to Campus Login, Moodle, and Email
Campus Login
Campus Login Access - AVC students use Campus Login to change network passwords, make address changes, view current registration charges and student statements, view semester grades, access T2202A form etc.
· Go to Campus Login at secure.upei.ca/cls/login.html ( https://secure.upei.ca/cls/login.html ) or click the “Campus Login” link at the bottom of the UPEI homepage (www.upei.ca)
· Enter your UPEI ID# and Pin (These were provided in your initial offer of admission - if you do not have your letter, please contact the Registrar's Office at (902)566-0439)

Network Password and Pin
· Select "Network Username and Password"
· You username will display. (This username will also be your email address, i.e. username at upei.ca - it may be useful for you to make a note of this.)
· Click "Set Network Password to Pin" and click "Logout"
· In the future you can go to "Network Username and Password" to change your passwordMoodle 
Moodle Access - AVC students use Moodle to access learning materials for each of their courses.
· To access course information, go to Moodle at moodle.upei.ca/ or click the “Moodle @ UPEI” link at the bottom of the UPEI homepage (www.upei.ca)
· Login using your username and password (noted above)

UPEI Email Account

Email Access - The Office of Academic and Student Affairs uses your UPEI email account for all correspondence so please check this account frequently.
· Click the “Student Email” link located at the bottom of the UPEI homepage (www.upei.ca)
· Enter in your username and password (noted above)
· This will bring you to your UPEI email account, operated by Gmail
· You can also go directly to www.gmail.com to access this account E*Value
E*Value Access - The Office of Academic and Student Affairs uses E*Value to share information with students such as schedules, forms, handbooks, etc. This system is also used to gather feedback from students through general surveys, as well as Course and Instructor Evaluations at the end of each course. There are a few things that you can use E*Value for before you arrive for Orientation:

Class of 2020 Entrance Survey
· You will be sent an email from us with a link to your E*Value account
· Once you log in, you can begin this survey by clicking on "Evaluations > To Be Completed”
· Click "Edit Evaluation". Once you have completed this survey click "Submit"
· Please complete this survey by the end of day on August 29, 2016

Address and Emergency Contact Information
· On the home page of E*Value scroll to the bottom, you will see your name and email address under Your Information 
· Click "update this information" to enter in the required additional information 
· Please enter in the following information:
§ Home address - where you will be living in PEI 
§ Permanent address - where we should send you information over the summer months
§ Emergency Contact Information - A person we can contact in the case of an emergency 
· Once you have completed the fields above click "Update" 

Weekly Class Schedule
· On the left hand side you will see Pre-Clinical Information, with a section below for Schedules
· Click on 1st Year DVM Schedules - Fall 2016
· Any revisions are uploaded to this schedule so please check on a weekly basis
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