[Avc2020] Fwd: Wanted: dog walker/buddy

Karen Roche kroche at upei.ca
Thu Aug 18 13:06:42 ADT 2016


was hoping to find someone to *walk/play with my dog, perhaps 3 days a week
(to start anyway) during the M-Su week.*

My dog is Pippen.  He is a 75lb Pitt/Lab mix, almost 4 years old.  I
adopted him April 1st, 2016 from humane society.  He is sweet, but a tad
stubborn.  He is good walking on leash (but will pull for squirrels, birds,
and foxes), and excellent walking with Dogtra remote dog training collar
(has a vibrate feature on it so don't usually need to use a shock

He loves people, but is not good with other dogs.  He might seem friendly
to them at first, but always ends up being aggressive to other dogs, so I
just keep him away from them.  With the remote training collar, you can
pass a dog easily when walking, on leash, it is a tug of war.

I am a single person who works 8 hours a day, at home, and although I
always walk him, would like him to get some more walking and play (just
interaction with others) while I work.

Since he isn't good with other dogs, I haven't found a doggie daycare that
would work.

I can pay $15/hr for this, wondering if you know of anyone wanting to make
a little extra cash while spending time with a great dog.  I am flexible re
timeframe for it etc.

Address:  Hutchinson Court, off Atlantic Avenue, which is off Belvedere ave
behind the Bell Aliant building across from Superstore.

If interest, or any questions, please contact me.


Dawn Mulligan
Tel:  902-357-5751
email:  saranella_ at yahoo.com
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