[Avc2020] IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lecture Theatre Renovation Update

Leigh Lamont llamont at upei.ca
Thu Aug 25 16:01:10 ADT 2016

AVC Students and Faculty Members,

With classes scheduled to resume on Monday August 29, we wanted to take
this opportunity to provide a update on the status of the lecture theatre
renovations and the associated changes to room bookings.

We have confirmation from Facilities Management and ITSS that lecture
theatre B will be operational for Monday morning. For the first week of
class, we will have to employ a temporary IT and AV solution for screen
projection, but ITSS is committed to ensuring that the space is functional
for teaching. In addition, we are still awaiting delivery of some light
fixtures so the contractor will install a temporary lighting solution for
that first week. We appreciate your patience and understanding for those of
you teaching in this space during the first week.

The bench tops for lecture theatre C will be installed next week and we
have confirmation that this space, including all lighting and AV
components, will be finished in time for classes on the morning of Tuesday
September 6.

Accordingly, all academic room bookings are currently being updated to
reflect these new developments.

   - Third year classes normally scheduled in lecture A will be booked in A
   - Second year classes normally scheduled in lecture B will be booked in
   B with the understanding that AV and lighting components will not be
   completed until the second week of class
   - First year classes normally scheduled in lecture C will be booked in
   287/286A for the first week only and will then be moved to C for the
   remainder of the semester

*It is critical that faculty and students refer to the room booking
schedule on the E*Value homepage to determine where they need to go and
when. If you have forgotten your E*Value password, please contact Karen
Roche at kroche at upei.ca <kroche at upei.ca> and she can send it to you.  *

Finally, for those of you teaching in lecture B or C, you will note that
the front wall of these spaces has a special finish applied to it. This
allows the entire front wall to be used as a white board with dry erase
markers. Markers, erasers, and cleaning solution will be provided in each

Thank you.

*Leigh A. Lamont, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVAA*
*Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs*
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 4P3
Tel:  902-566-0374
Fax: 902-566-0846
E-mail:  llamont at upei.ca
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