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Good-day Class of 2020:

Just a reminder of important upcoming events:


The SAVS will be holding a laundry sale today from 7:30 – 8:20 AM and 12:30
– 1:20 PM in Room 1109S. This is an opportunity for you to purchase cheap,
gently-used scrub sets ($15), coveralls ($20) and blue lab coats ($15) for
use during your time at the AVC. While it is possible to purchase these
items at any point during open laundry hours, the SAVS is opening laundry
so that clothing can be purchased before your first Anatomy Lab (happening
this afternoon - woohoo!).

Tuesday, *August 30th at Lunch in RM# 286/287:*

Meeting with SAVS regarding Student Organizations and 2020 Class Executive

Wednesday, August 31 at Lunch in *RM# 286/287:*

Meeting with Madalin Ebel and Meredith Versteeg outlining your membership
in the CVMA and AVMA. Don’t miss out! (Pssst.. Madalin will also introduce
something new to the AVC: the International Veterinary Students'

Also, don’t forget to join these pages for deals on textbooks and
notifications about upcoming AVC events!

AVC Book Exchange - Click Here

SAVS Facebook Page - Click Here

Welcome to the AVC!
Mitchell C.
SAVS President
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