[Avc2020] Farm Sitter wanted... 1st year student

Heather MacSwain Hmacswain at groupwise.upei.ca
Tue Aug 30 10:04:19 ADT 2016

Employment Opportunity for 1st Year Students- 
Help! My farm sitter graduated. Great for her, bad for me.
I am looking for someone who could stay at my farm while I travel
(usually 3-7 days) and who is dependable and loves animals. I have 4
Norwegian fjord horses and three Standardbred mares, all of whom live
outside year round so there isn't much stall cleaning, 2 miniature
donkeys (noisy but not much work), and 2 dogs and 3 cats. 
The work itself is not much (15-25 min. morning and evening) but I am
obsessive about my animals and want someone who will take good care and
notice if something is wrong etc. 
I live in Nine Mile Creek which is about 15-20 minutes from campus. The
property is very peaceful. Before you decide, why don't you come out,
meet the animals, and see what goes on. Ideally, I would love to have a
couple of people on a list who would be willing to farm sit. I have a
couple of horse friends who are also looking for reliable people, so it
is possible to make some money (pay-competitive daily rates) and get
your animal fix on a regular basis. It would be better if you could
leave your own dog at home because my cats try to leave home with
unfamiliar dogs and I have recently had two cats eaten by coyotes.
I will be around this fall so you are very welcome to come out and meet
everyone. Email is the best way to reach me mcniven at upei.ca as I will be
in and out of the office. Thanks!
ps I am looking for someone to farm-sit Sept. 17-26.

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