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Good afternoon Class of 2020!

I hope you are enjoying your first week of classes.

I wanted to remind you that the nominations for class *executive positions
are due tomorrow, Wednesday September 1st, at 10 pm*.  I’ve included
descriptions of the responsibilities of all available positions.

Although you may already be feeling overwhelmed, I want to encourage all of
you to consider taking part in your class executive. It is a great
experience and very rewarding. It's a unique opportunity to serve your
student body, showcase your leadership abilities, and to learn from your
peers. Feel free to consult any of the upper year executives on any
questions or concerns you might have; we'll absolutely be happy to help.
Don't forget: we were all in your shoes once and I think I speak for all of
us when I say that, even though it's a bit of added work to an already
heavy workload, we would do it all again. It's one of the best possible
ways to   fully immerse yourself in your own experience as a student in the
school of veterinary medicine here at AVC. The skills you'll develop in
your position as a class executive are impossible to overvalue. Invest in
your future and engage in your present; join your student executive!



*Class Executives Position Descriptions*

*Class President*

Act as student-professor liaison by relaying information between
professors, lab instructors, and the dean/associate dean's office and the
class. Attend monthly student executive meetings with the Associate Dean's
office and relay information from the AVC community to the class and vise
versa. Organize and hold class executive and general class meetings. Set up
class voting for exam date changes, class dues, graduation plans, etc.
Organize class schedule changes, re-scheduling of cancelled classes, labs,
etc. Inform class of new information/topics discussed in executive
meetings, and meetings with the dean. Address any concerns in the class
including graduation fees, fundraising ideas, scheduling conflicts, etc.
and help resolve issues. Assist and support other members in the executive
committee; help delegate different events/tasks to members in the
committee. Co-sign with treasurer on class bank account.

*Class Vice President*

Fulfil the duties of the president when the president is absent. Work with
the president and other officers in planning, organizing, and implementing
class activities, issues, and concerns. Keep a running calendar of all
class activities and meeting dates. Work with president to liaise with
faculty and administration as a representative of the class in order to
facilitate a good working relationship. Work with president to organize the
rescheduling of make-up classes or schedule changes with faculty. Work with
president to facilitate the class voting process with regards to various
issues and/or scheduling concerns.

*Class Treasurer*

Manage class finances by setting up an external bank account at a bank
determined by the class executive. Co-sign with president on the class bank
account. Responsible for depositing any funds received through fundraisers
or class dues. Keep track of dues and encourage classmates to pay dues
throughout the year. Keep records of all transactions for the class and
handle all statements and dealings with the bank. Distribute cheques and
reimbursements for any purchases made on behalf of the class. Maintain
floats for cash boxes for any fundraisers and keep track of cash flow. Work
with the SAVS treasurer on financial committee as needed.

*Class Secretary*

Take minutes at executive and general class meetings. Make minutes
available for class to view (either online or printed copies posted in
class). Set the agendas for class meetings; classmates can submit topics to
secretary prior to the meeting. Prepare presentations for the class as
needed. Make announcements, send emails, post to social networking sites,
etc to make sure pertinent class information is distributed.

*Class Social Representative*

Organize class social events (theme days, dinners, outings, classroom
decor, etc.) Monitor and maintain social networking (facebook, twitter,
linkedin etc.) page for the class. Post pertinent information and
announcements as needed. Act as class representative on the AVC Wellness
committee; communicate ideas for Wellness committee social events and share
wellness events with class.

*Class Sports Representative*

Plan and set up sporting and recreational events (ski trips, UPEI gym
events, softball league, etc.) Coordinate with UPEI gym and Cari center and
provide class with information on intramurals, swim times, skate times,
etc. Work with SAVS sports rep during Broomball season; assist with
refereeing games and organizing.

*Class Fundraising Representative*

Collect fundraising ideas from the class and look into feasibility, upfront
costs, time, work involved, and potential profit for each idea. Organize
logistics of fundraisers (obtain required permits, materials and equipment,
organize volunteers, and delegate tasks to each and oversee completion of
task), act as a contact person for all involved parties. Work with
treasurer to keep records of all fundraisers and follow up to determine
profit made.

*Class SAVS Representative*

Liaison between SAVS and the Class of 2018. Communicates upcoming events,
and organizes Open House duties of the first year class. Represents Class
Executive on SAVS committee.

*Duties expected of all members of class executive*

Assist and support peers in the class, and in AVC community. Encourage
class unity and respect between class members. Promote professionalism and
a positive attitude. Be supportive of all class members. Help maintain a
positive class community and mental well-being. Assist with the
organization of class events with the class executive committee. Listen
objectively to the concerns of individuals in the class and communicate
these concerns to the executive committee. Attend all class executive/rep
meetings and participate in votes and sharing ideas.
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