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Subject: Employment Contract Review/Negotiation, and other Financial
Planning Considerations for Residents, Fellows, and new Attendings
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Contract Review/Negotiation and other Financial Planning Considerations for
Residents, Fellows, and new Attendings


For those of you whom might have already received this email from the
Vermont Medical Society, please forgive the duplicate.  Also, please share
this with anyone you know who may be interested in the content of this

We’ve been getting lots of questions lately about contract review and
negotiation, and we thought many of you might benefit from joining a
webinar where this topic is covered.  So in our webinar this Wednesday,
available at noon and 7:30pm, we’ll have a guest-speaker talking about the
ins and outs of contract review and negotiation.  We know from your
feedback that this topic is important to residents and fellows nearing the
completion of your training, and also for physicians in practice who may be
considering a change.  In addition to this portion of the webinar, we’ll
also cover some of the many topics that are usually important to residents,
fellows, and new attending physicians.  Please see below for an outline of
the webinar content, and to register.

Our December VMS webinar, while focused on financial planning for Residents
and Fellows, will also include a guest speaker (Jon Appino, Principle,
Contract Diagnostics*) who will discuss the ins and outs of physician
employment contracts.  See below for other topics that will also be covered.

Wednesday, December 7th from 12:00-1:00PM or 7:30-8:30PM, REGISTER NOW

   - Contract Review/Negotiation
      - The 10 'MUST' understand items with your employment contract
      - Current trends in physician compensation and payment structures
      - Current trends in physician employment models
      - General Q&A
   - Pay down and eliminate student loan debt with state and federal loan
   forgiveness programs or through private refinance
   - When and why to consider individual disability insurance and life
   - Take advantage of your 403(b) matching, and understand the difference
   between Roth and Traditional, and how it relates to your student loans
   - Set goals and priorities to start your first financial plan.
   - Organize your finances using technology so you can make informed
   financial decisions.

If you’re unable to attend, but are still interested in learning more about
any of the topics mentioned above, please call Tobin Nadeau at 802-999-7123
<(802)%20999-7123>, email tnadeau at pastorefinancialgroup.com or click here
<http://takeiteasel.cmail19.com/t/j-l-uluttdd-vurujuljr-y/> to schedule a

Warm regards, and again, please share this with anyone else you think might
be interested!

Tobin Nadeau
Financial Advisor
Pastore Financial Group

Click here <http://takeiteasel.cmail19.com/t/j-l-uluttdd-vurujuljr-j/> to
schedule a meeting

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office: 802-863-1248 <(802)%20863-1248>
fax: 866-334-7270 <(866)%20334-7270>

Pastore Financial Group, LLC
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