[Avc2020] Feedback requested - Community Practice Position Candidates

Linda Constable Lmconstable at groupwise.upei.ca
Thu Nov 3 08:47:21 ADT 2016

Dear AVC Community,

The Department of Companion Animals would like to thank all of you for
participating in the interview process for our open position in
Community Practice and welcomes your feedback on the candidates - Dr.
Courtney Dwyer, Dr. Karen Sheehan, Dr. Tonya Stewart, and Dr. Mike

Please forward your feedback to myself smhamilton at upei.ca or any member
of the search committee by 8am, Monday, November 7th.  Members of the
search committee are:

Peter Foley - pefoley at upei.ca
Jonathan Spears - jspears at upei.ca
Cate Creighton - ccreighton at upei.ca
Kathy Ling - kjling at upei.ca
Anne Marie Carey - macarey at upei.ca

Thank you,

Stephanie M. Hamilton DVM, MS, DACVAA
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Companion Animals
Atlantic Veterinary College
smhamilton at upei.ca

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