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*Veterinarians without Borders Young Volunteers Program--deadline Nov. 7 *
*VHM 411 Seminar Series--Nov. 9 *
*Electronic medical records system implemented in VTH *
*Join the Movember team! *
*St. John Ambulance holds evaluation session for therapy dog program--Nov.
   26 *
*Dog needs new home *


*Recruiting Young Volunteers: Veterinarians without Borders/Vétérinaires
sans frontières (VWB/VSF-Canada)*

VWB/VSF-Canada is currently recruiting students and/or recent grads who
come from a veterinary, animal health, or public health related background
to participate in the upcoming intake for the Young Volunteers Program
(YVP) 2017. YVP provides 8-12 week volunteer placements to work on global
animal/international development projects with Canadian veterinarian
supervisors and/or local counterpart coordinators. Possible postings
include Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Laos, and Vietnam. The program is
open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents and covers costs of
airfare, accommodation, insurance, monthly living allowance, etc. while
volunteers are overseas.

 Application deadline for the Summer Intake (May 2017) is* Monday, Nov.
7th, 2016. *More information and application forms are available at

 For further inquiries, please contact Heather Ho (Program Officer) at
heather at vetswithoutborders.ca.


*VHM 411 Seminar Series*

*Wed., November 9, Lecture Theatre A, 8:30 a.m.*

*Terra MacDonald: *Supraglenoid Tubercle Fracture Repair in a 6-Month-Old
Newfoundland Puppy

*Marisa Quinlan: *Multifocal Neurological Lesions in a 5-year-old German
Shepherd Dog

*Adrienne Perri: *Intussusception in a 14 week old Goldendoodle

Everyone is welcome!


*Electronic medical records system implemented in VTH*

Monday, October 31, was a big day in the timeline for the implementation of
the electronic medical records system in the teaching hospital. It was the
first day the system will be in place during regular full scale activities
within the VTH. The launch is the result of many months of preparation. I
want to acknowledge the tremendous effort that has been put forth by Dr.
Heather Gunn McQuillan and her team in the VTH, as well as the contribution
of UPEI ITSS and the EMR supplier RxWorks. An incredible number of hours
have been exhausted in this process, including numerous hours by the
project team and VTH staff this past weekend. Thank you to everyone
involved for your phenomenal effort.

A massive project like this is bound to have some complications. The
RxWorks staff will be on-site for the rest of this week to help us work
through the initial process. Please try to be patient during the
implementation. The new system will improve operations in the hospital with
positive impacts on patient care and (eventually) better workflow for staff
and faculty. Additionally and very importantly, it also allows us to train
our DVM students and house officers using a state of the art records system.

Greg Keefe, DVM MSc MBA


*Join the Movember team!*

Movember comes just once a year, so let's take advantage of it!  Movember
is a movement to combat men dying young. What started as fundraising and
awareness for prostate cancer has grown into a world wide movement! This
year it would be amazing if AVC could help make a difference in a big way!


1) Check out our official Movember page--https://ca.movember.com/

2) Join our team! Men can get involved the traditional way- by growing out
some face hairs, while ladies can join in on the MOvement through physical
activity or just by spreading the word
3) SHARE AND DONATE!! This is the big point! The great thing about having a
community like AVC is that every individual has so many friends and family
to reach out to. Just $5 can make a huge difference in the face of men's

4) Stay up to date on this page and our team Movember page to find out
about more ways to get involved!!

Thanks, Let me know if there are any questions comments of concerns!

Hannah Cox, hcox at upei.ca

Class of 2020


*St. John Ambulance holds evaluation session for therapy dog program*

St. John Ambulance is holding an evaluation session in Charlottetown
on *Saturday,
November 26*, for people interested in its therapy dog program. Please see
the attachment for more information or contact Tia Larkin, Community
Services Coordinator, at tia.larkin at ns.sja.ca or 1-800-565-5056, ext. 2302.


*Dog needs new home*

Looking to rehome a 20-month (approx) old male black lab/border
collie/chow. His name is Houston and we call him Huey. We adopted him from
a shelter in Georgia. We have no information on his first year of life. He
has been neutered, all needles and micro chipped; I have paperwork. It
seems he was never in a home nor taught anything and was afraid of
everything and very skittish. He is very very smart and learns quickly with
consistency and listens pretty well.  He can be aggressive and has anxiety
and can be unpredictable at times. He needs someone who has the knowledge
and experience in dealing with a dog like him. He is very adorable but is
more than we can handle. He is on medication to calm him quicker and to get
his focus. He has come a long way with the training we have done but needs
so much more. Sometimes he likes to cuddle and play tug and fetch. He has
been very good with our other dog and cat and my son's dogs but as time has
gone on, he is not good meeting new animals or people.He needs someone who
is understanding and has the time and patience to give him the proper
training he needs. Although he has been around children and other animals
in the past, he is unpredictable so I would suggest no children. He will
make a great pet and protector for the right person. If interested, please
give Michele Coles a call at 902-566-3315.

Anna MacDonald
External Relations Officer
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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