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   - *VHM 411 Seminar Series--November 16*
   - *Boehringer Ingelheim presents lunchtime lecture--November 16*
   - *Presentation about risk management in veterinary medicine--November
*NAVC OnCampus Clinical Case Challenge--November 18 *
*Breeder needs help to look after dogs *


*VHM 411 Seminar Series*

*Wed., Nov. 16, Lecture Theatre A, **8:30 a.m.*

Anne Woodbury: Cleft Palate Repair in a 5 month old Boston Terrier

Elizabeth Moses: Fibromatous Epulis in a Dog

Christina Hawkins: TBA

Everyone is welcome!


*Boehringer Ingelheim presents lunchtime lecture--November 16*

Boehringer Ingelheim presents "Compounding: Friend or Foe?," a lunchtime
lecture with Dr. Walt Ingwerson on Wednesday, November 16. Famous Peppers
Pizza will be served.

Sourcing pharmaceuticals through a compounding pharmacy has become a more
available option to veterinarians with the intent of providing customized
medicines and formulations to meet the needs of individual patients.
However, compounded products are not licensed pharmaceuticals and carry
liability risks for the practitioner as well as efficacy and safety
uncertainty for the pet. These issues will be discussed during the lecture.

For more information, contact Haley Casbeer, Class of 2018, hcasbeer at upei.ca
<hcasbeer at upei.ca>.


*Presentation about risk management in veterinary medicine--November 17*

Students are invited to attend a presentation titled "THE NEW MANAGEMENT
IMPERATIVE: The development and implementation of effective veterinary
risk management strategies" by Douglas C. Jack, B.A., LL.B. The
presentation will take place on *Thursday, November 17, Lecture Theatre A,
6:30-9 p.m.* Admission is free. Please pre-register *here* by *Monday,
November 14*.

Mr Jack will cover the following:

*The Risks of Clients*

*- *a review of the current state of the law defining animals as “property”

- the legal elements of claims for negligence, the evolution of laws
relating to damages, and simple techniques to employ in a clinical setting
to reduce and avoid claims

*The Risks of Employees*

*- *the difference between employees and independent contracts, the content
of employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, and employment standards

*The Risks of Society*

- relationship between codes of veterinary ethics and the legal
consequences for the breach thereof, including discussion on
confidentiality, alternative and complementary therapies, and the anatomy
of disciplinary proceedings


*NAVC OnCampus Clinical Case Challenge--November 18*

Win a $25 Gift Card! Deadline: November 18, 2016

NAVC OnCampus is pleased to provide a Clinical Case Challenge that you can
use to test your veterinary knowledge. This month’s featured case is
"Lucy.” You
can access this Clinical Case Challenge on VetFolio at
<http://www.vetfolio.com/partners/oncampus>. You will need to create a free
VetFolio account, using your university email address, to access the
challenge. You will also need to score 80% or above for your name to be
placed into the drawing. NAVC will randomly select a name from the entries
to determine a winner. Winners will be notified via email.

Please note the November 18, 2016, deadline. Your school must have a
minimum of 15 entries for the names at your school to be placed into the
drawing. NAVC OnCampus will give the school with the highest percentage of
participation a breakfast of coffee and doughnuts for all veterinary

Please note a school can only win once a semester and once in a school year

For information:

Meredith Chamberlain, Class of 2018

NAVC OnCampus AVC Representative

*Breeder needs help to look after dogs*

I am a medical laboratory technologist who breeds CKC registered Golden
retrievers as a hobby.  I had an unfortunate accident last Friday where I
fell down my stairs and broke my foot. Thankfully no surgery, but I will be
off work for 6 weeks.  Looking after my dogs has never been a problem when
i was  able bodied...but now it's different.

I am looking for a student that would look after my dogs, and kennel for
the time I am off.  Feeding the dogs, putting them out into their runs,
cleaning the living area of the dogs, picking the kennel runs....basically,
someone that can give them the  care I normally do. A live-in situation
would probably be best as they are on a routine. Need I say that I also
have 21 three-week puppies I am caring for.

Hoping someone can help. Renumeration and board to be discussed.

Yasemin Dunn

​E:  minskie_3 at hotmail.com​



Anna MacDonald
External Relations Officer
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