[Avc2020] Blood Donor Program: Is there a Hero in your family?

Karen Roche kroche at upei.ca
Mon Nov 21 09:25:40 AST 2016

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is in need of some help from your canine
friend(s) at home. If you have a dog at home that you think is up for the
task of donating blood to help out other sick or injured canine friends we
could greatly use their help!!

Donors receive free flea control (Revolution) and the following veterinary
services at no cost:
-Annual examination
-Annual vaccinations (Rabies & DA2PP - All other vaccines at cost)
-Annual bloodwork (CBC, Chemistry, heartworm test)
-Fecal Examinations
-Blood products - should your dog ever need a blood transfusion for
emergency reasons, active donors receive transfusions at no cost.
-A Hero Dog Tag to recognize your dog

Attached is some information regarding the blood donor program so you can
learn more and see if your canine friend maybe right for the job.

Thank you for any consideration and we hope to be recruiting some Hero's
soon!! If you are interested please contact Stephanie Benedik at
sbenedik at upei.ca.

Stephanie Benedik
Registered Veterinary Technician, AVC

Dr. Heather Gunn McQuillan
Director, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Atlantic Veterinary College
hegunn at upei.ca
(902) 566-0866-Work
(902) 566-0587-FAX
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