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*VHM 411 Seminar Series November 2 *
*Lunchtime presentation by Dr. Drew Van Niekerk November 2 *
*Health career showcase at UPEI November 2 *
   - *Message from Dean Keefe re AVC strategic planning process*
*Summer research opportunity for first- and second-year DVM students *
   - *Dog- and house-sitter needed*


*VHM 411 Seminar Series November 2*

*Wednesday, November 2, Lecture Theatre A, 8:30 a.m.*

Shruti Iyer: Transpalpebral Enucleation in a Holstein Heifer

Michelle Gorayeb: Canine Pericardial Effusion: A Diagnostic Enigma

Chris Dominic*: *Gastroesophageal Intussusception in a 5.5-week-old German

Everyone is welcome!


*Lunchtime presentation by **Dr. Drew Van Niekerk **November 2*

Dr. Drew Van Niekerk will give a presentation called “Practical
considerations in case management” in Lecture Theatre on Wednesday,
November 2, from 12:30–1:20 pm. Please see the attached poster. For more
information, contact Danelle Capobianco and Jaimee Gillis.


*Health career showcase at UPEI November 2*

In partnership with the Department of Health and Wellness, UPEI Career
Services is hosting a Health Career Showcase on Wednesday, November 2,
in Schurman
Market Square, Don and Marion McDougall Hall building from 11am-12:30 pm.

This is a great opportunity for students to network. There will be a wide
range of different health professionals available to meet and talk with
students about their specific health based career. Students are invited to
come and meet these health professionals to learn more about their career
path. Health care professionals have a wide range of educational
backgrounds and students from all faculty are invited to attend. Please see
attachment for information.


*Message from Dean Keefe re AVC strategic planning process*

As communicated on September 20, 2016, AVC Dean’s Council has been working
on an update to the College’s Strategic Plan. The plan will have a 3 year
horizon, allowing us to be more agile based on the changing environment. It
will be a more concise, accessible, and focused document that outlines the
direction of the College and can be referred to routinely as an aid in
informing decision-making.

Together, Dean’s Council has produced a framework, which identifies the key
pillars of the plan:

1) Teaching, Learning, and Student Success;

2) Scholarship, Discovery, and Innovation;

3) AVC’s Vibrant Community;

4) Service, Outreach, and Engagement;

5) Resource Stewardship and Accountability.

The time has come to initiate the first of 2 phases of stakeholder
discussions. In this first phase, we will engage sounding-board groups that
represent faculty, staff, and students, as well as external stakeholders
through our AVC Advisory Council. These sounding-board groups will review
the framework and provide feedback, which will be used in developing a
draft document. In the second phase of community engagement, town halls
will be held to discuss the draft plan.

Internally, we want to ensure broad representation and engagement across
the three stakeholder groups (faculty, staff, and students) and have
decided on a model that includes individual groups representing each
internal constituency independently. To encourage open discussion, each
group will have 8-10 individuals. For students, 2 individuals from each
year of the DVM program and 2 graduate students will be randomly selected
to participate in the discussion group. Similarly, 2 faculty members from
each department will be randomly selected for the faculty discussion group.
For staff, a random selection process that represents the administrative,
service, teaching, and research focused staff will be used. For each group,
if the randomly selected individual is unable to participate, an alternate
will be chosen following the same process. Each group will meet once to
review the framework produced by Dean’s Council noted above.

These sounding-board meetings will be held over the next few weeks with the
broader town hall based discussion on the draft document to follow.


Greg Keefe, Dean

*Summer research opportunity for first- and second-year DVM students*

Attached is information about two opportunities for first- and second-year
DVM students to go St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine or
Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine to work in research
for the summer. Further details and contact information can be found below.

Stay tuned for details on our AVC Summer Research and Leadership Program
offered from June–August 2017.

Darlene Wakelin

Graduate Studies and Research – AVC

dwakelin at upei.ca


*Dog- and house-sitter needed*

I am looking for a responsible, mature, dog-loving student to house and dog
sit for me, while I am away for a week at Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 1). I
have two Labradoodles one of which, Aash, was a recent patient at the AVC.
As his immune system is compromised, I will likely not be able to kennel
him or his brother, Zeke. While in and out of the AVC this past weekend, I
realized that having a student stay at my house to look after them both
would be ideal.

Both dogs love people, attention, walks, playing in their fenced yard and
being goofy (well, Zeke does, at least!). I look forward to hearing from
someone who would be interested in meeting us, and seeing if this would
work for them, and for us.

Thank you,

Nathalie Faucon

nfaucon at gmail.com

902-569-3987 (home phone)

902-629-5370 (cell phone/text)


Anna MacDonald
External Relations Officer
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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