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Good Afternoon Class of 2020!

Your class executive voting poll should be opening shortly. The poll will
be open from 5 pm today until 10 pm on Monday, September 5th. The *majority
(60%)* of the class must vote to validate the election – so *PLEASE VOTE*.

To vote, sign into your UPEI login (https://secure.upei.ca/login.html) and
the voting option should be in the menu on the left hand side. If you have
any difficulties please let me know as soon as possible so that I can look
into the issue.

There were no nominees for *Treasurer or Social Representative.* If you are
interested in either of these positions please contact me.

The present candidates are introduced below. Please read them thoroughly to
make an informed decision.



Genevieve Machum
Atlantic Veterinary College
DVM Candidate 2018
SAVS, Secretary
AVC Nutrition Club, President for Small Animal Nutrition
AVC Canine Club, Secretary
gmachum at upei.ca


*President *

*1) Dustin Raiffe*

I am nominating myself for the position of President for the class of 2020.
Below is my platform.

I have had the pleasure of meeting most of you, and am looking forward to
acquainting myself with the rest of you in the coming weeks. I know you we
all have plenty on our plate right now, so I will make my platform to run
for class president concise. If you have any questions or concerns please
feel free to email me at draiffe at upei.ca, talk to me in class, or send me a
PM on Facebook.

The class president is responsible for creating a communicative culture
within our class, and relaying any pertinent information to the
administration and faculty of the college. The position is also responsible
for overseeing the other positional duties, and helping to organize major
events. I plan on accomplishing these tasks by creating multiple spaces
where you are free to express concerns, or ideas, that are within our
jurisdiction. And more importantly, I plan on following through and
accomplishing the goals set forth by you (as a class) by putting in the
time and coordinating the cabinet as to make a cohesive administrative
unit. If you choose to vote please consider voting for me.


Dustin Raiffe

University of Miami RSMAS '16

Atlantic Veterinary College '20

*Vice President *

*1) Kaleigh Wakaluk*

Hello everyone! My name is Kaleigh Wakaluk and I'm running for

First of all, I've really enjoyed meeting so many of you over the past few
days. I'm really excited to move forward in this program with such a lovely
group of people. For those I haven't met yet, I'm so sorry and look forward
to talking with you soon!

I believe a good student government is key to a smooth and enjoyable
academic year. They provide a link to your professors, upperclassmen, the
community, and also serve to bring us closer together. I am an
enthusiastic, outgoing, and professional person who is passionate about
getting to know the people around me and helping my peers in any way I can.
These are skills of which I feel make me a great candidate for Vice

Finally, I was born and raised on Prince Edward Island and am ready to do
whatever I can to help you settle into your new home (like answering
questions about where things are or what that weird Islander speak really
means). Also please feel free to ask me these things regardless of election

Thank you so much for your time and email me at kwakaluk at upei.ca if you
have any questions:)"




*1) Kelsey Fugere*

I am running for this year's class Secretary. While I haven't had the
pleasure to meet everyone just yet, I am looking forward to getting to know
each of you and spending the next four years together.

Part of the Secretary's job is taking notes of each meeting and
communicating with the rest of the class. I feel that I would be a good fit
for this position. I am very very organized, take detailed notes, and
communicate well with others. I would make sure each student has access to
the meeting minutes, and would be more than willing to provide individual
copies if necessary. I have held secretary positions in previous student
governments, and would be more than willing to assist other members of the
executive board with their tasks.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me here on
Facebook, or email me at kfugere at upei.ca. Please vote for me!



*Sports Representative  *

*1) Hannah Cox*

I have been an athlete all my life.  Most notably I spent the past 4 years
on an athletic scholarship playing NCAA div 1 water polo. In addition to
excelling as a player throughout my career I was also a leader.  I took
part in a three year program leadership academy through the athletic
department and was the captain of my team for my 3rd and 4th years.  My
duties as captain included facilitating communication between the coaching
staff and my team, organizing team events and volunteer activities.  I
served as a conflict mediator and overall mom.  The position of sports
representative is mostly planning and coordination. I Know that I can do
those two things very well.  I hope that I can also bring a competitive
edge in addition to an enthusiastic team spirit.

*Fundraiser Representative *

*SAVS Representative *

*1) Elizabeth LaVallee*

I am running for the Class of 2020 SAVS Representative. This position acts
a liaison and representative between our class and SAVS. I have been
getting to know many of you in our class and would be honored to represent
all of you and your opinions in any way that I can. I pride myself on being
a great listener and having an empathetic personality which makes me a
great candidate for this integral communication role between our class and
those higher up.

I have exceptional communication and organization skills and have
participated on several executive boards in the past. I have the experience
and determination to get things done and not give up on things I or our
class are passionate about. I have a bit of creative flare which will allow
me to excel at planning open house and assisting the rest of the executive
board in actives during our time here at AVC. I only wish to make this a
fun and memorable experience for all of us!

If any of you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to
contact me at elavallee at upei.ca. No matter what, elected or not, I hope you
all feel comfortable coming to me anytime you need help!


Elizabeth LaVallee
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