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Tue Sep 6 09:39:56 ADT 2016

Good Morning Class of 2020!

I am happy to present you with your new class executive!

President - Dustin Raiffe
Vice-President - Kaleigh Wakaluk
Secretary - Kelsey Fugere
Sports Representative - Hannah Cox
SAVS Representative - Elizabeth LaVallee

Your voter turnout was just over 60%, good job!

Your class is *lacking a Treasurer, Social Representative and
a Fundraising Representative*. The descriptions of these position are
listed below. Please consider running for these positions, no
previous experience is necessary! Remember that this executive term is only
one semester.

If you are interested in any of these positions *send me a short nomination
paragraph*, similar to the ones you received from your classmates, as soon
as you can.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.


Genevieve Machum
Atlantic Veterinary College
DVM Candidate 2018
SAVS, Secretary

Manage class finances by setting up an external bank account at a bank
determined by the class executive. Co-sign with president on the class bank
account. Responsible for depositing any funds received through fundraisers
or class dues. Keep track of dues and encourage classmates to pay dues
throughout the year. Keep records of all transactions for the class and
handle all statements and dealings with the bank. Distribute cheques and
reimbursements for any purchases made on behalf of the class. Maintain
floats for cash boxes for any fundraisers and keep track of cash flow. Work
with the SAVS treasurer on financial committee as needed.

Social Representative:

Organize class social events (theme days, dinners, outings, classroom
decor, etc.) Monitor and maintain social networking (facebook, twitter,
linkedin etc.) page for the class. Post pertinent information and
announcements as needed. Act as class representative on the AVC Wellness
committee; communicate ideas for Wellness committee social events and share
wellness events with class.

Fundraising Representative:

Collect fundraising ideas from the class and look into feasibility, upfront
costs, time, work involved, and potential profit for each idea. Organize
logistics of fundraisers (obtain required permits, materials and equipment,
organize volunteers, and delegate tasks to each and oversee completion of
task), act as a contact person for all involved parties. Work with
treasurer to keep records of all fundraisers and follow up to determine
profit made.
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