[Avc2020] Accessing AVC Event Calendar on E*Value

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Tue Sep 6 16:24:14 ADT 2016

Good-day Everyone,

As I am sure you have noticed, E*Value has undergone a facelift over the
summer. Below is a short guide on how to access the calendar displaying all
scheduled AVC events:

First, click the Home tab. Below this tab you will now see Home Page and Other
Tasks. Click Other Tasks. Listed on this new page, you will find a link to
Calendar. Click through this link. The page presented to you will be your
personal calendar--edits made here will only be viewable by you. At the top
right of this frame, there is a link to Program Calendar. Clicking on this
link will bring you to the AVC Event Calendar.

I hope this helps,

Mitchell C.
SAVS President
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