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Class of 2020:

Genna and myself (Mitchell) will be by tomorrow at 11:20AM (Lecture C) to
oversee the voting for your class’ missing executives. Voting will occur by
secret ballot. The entire process will take five minutes provided you come
prepared for voting. Results will be shared with the class on Monday.

When voting it to occur you will be given a piece of paper. On this piece
of paper indicate your vote for the following items.


   Elect Kaylee Little or Krystina Lewis for Fundraising Representative.
   Indicate your vote by placing their name on your ballot.

--- Kaylee Little ---

My name is Kaylee Little and I am interested in the fundraising rep
position for my class of 2020. I enjoy organizing things whether it be
people/events or other things like that. I am very good at managing money
and finding the best options possible at the cheapest cost. I went to
Africa this summer and had to do quite of bit of fundraising which makes me
aware of the different fundraising opportunities out there.

I get things done on time and am very proficient at organizing. In my
high-school, I was on yearbook committee which included getting many people
together to do certain things and making things work within budget. I was
also on prom committee. In my undergrad, I worked as a student tutor and
note taker which notes my attention to detail and abilities to talk to
anyone. I make lots of lists to make sure nothing is missed and that
everything that needs to be done, gets done.

I feel like this position would get me interacting more with my class and
help me overcome my shyness with new people!

Thanks for your consideration,

Kaylee Little

--- Krystina Lewis ---

I would like to nominate myself for the fundraising rep of the class of

I have many years of fundraising experience having been a member of several
Rotaract Clubs over my academic career. Rotaract is a student chapter of
Rotary Club and is aimed to helping others. This usually results in
fundraising for other organizations. Therefore, I have a lot of experience
organizing these events as well as many ideas that have proven to profit.

Thank you for your consideration,

Krystina Lewis


   Elect Victoria Pendleton for Social Representative. Indicate your vote
   by either a YES or NO.

--- Victoria Pendleton ---

I am interested in running for social representative. I have experience
working in Human Resources as well as holding an official position in
Golden Key International Honour Society as the PR person, which involved
sending out a monthly newsletter, helping plan events, posting information
and maintaining our facebook page.


Victoria Pendleton


   Elect Jessica D’Amico for Treasurer. Indicate your vote by either a YES
   or NO.

--- Jessica D’Amico ---

Hello Everyone! I would love for the opportunity to be Treasurer for the
AVC Class of 2020. I am responsible, organized and have an eye for detail.
Handling the class finances is something I would approach seriously and
with enthusiasm. I am trustworthy and I would be sure to update the class
regularly regarding the status of their finances. I believe hard work
should be accompanied with a positive attitude and that is something I can
bring to this position. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and
I look forward to getting to know every one of you and spending the next 4
years together!

Thank you!

Jessica D'Amico
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