[Avc2020] Extra 2020 Social Rep Nomination

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Good Morning 2020:

I suspect you are tired of all these emails. I don't blame you!

The SAVS received a late nomination for social representative.

Item #1 and #3 will remain the same on your ballot. However #2 is changed
to the following:

2. Elect Victoria Pendleton or Erika Pugh for Social Representative. Indicate
your vote by placing their name on your ballot.

--- Victoria Pendleton ---

I am interested in running for social representative. I have experience
working in Human Resources as well as holding an official position in
Golden Key International Honour Society as the PR person, which involved
sending out a monthly newsletter, helping plan events, posting information
and maintaining our facebook page.


Victoria Pendleton

--- Erika Pugh ---

My name is Erika Pugh and I am interested in being our social
representative. My family and I have made numerous trips to the island.
Because of these trips, my knowledge of the islands attractions and events
make me an excellent candidate for planning events for our class. Also, I
currently live with second year students who have contacts from last year's
events which would be a huge asset for organizing events this year for our
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