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Linda Constable Lmconstable at groupwise.upei.ca
Tue Sep 13 13:52:48 ADT 2016

Hello everyone:
The time of year has come upon us again. Our annual AVC Open House is just a couple weeks away, on Saturday, September 24, from 10am – 2pm. Open House is a great way to involve our community and educate people on some of the amazing things we do at AVC! As always, we require the hard work and commitment of our many clubs and classes to make this event a huge success. 
Currently, we are looking for help in the following areas:
Any students, staff, friends/family who have different kinds of dog breeds we can include in the Parade of Dogs. The Parade of Dogs will commence at 12 noon. Our announcer will tell the audience what breed your dog is, include an interesting history fact about the breed, and include a fun fact about your dog.

We are also looking for any small farm animals (including bunnies) for the Open House live animal display, in particular animals that are comfortable with children and louder environments. The purpose of the display is education, not as a petting zoo. 
Students, Open House is also an excellent opportunity for fundraising. Please just make sure to get your fundraising plans approved before going ahead with them.
Any questions regarding Open House can be answered by the Student Coordinator, Ellen Boyd, eboyd at upei.ca, or Special Events Coordinator, Janice MacWilliam, jmacwilliam at upei.ca ( mailto:MacWilliamjmacwilliam at upei.ca )
Thank you all for your support! See you there!

Ellen Boyd
AVC Open House Student Coordinator

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