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*Hello Student Veterinarians,*

*The AVC has partnered with Cornell University and several other colleges
of veterinary medicine in the US to conduct a survey of Veterinary Students
Reading Habits and Information Literacy. PLEASE read the preamble below and
consider providing your valuable input. This data will help us improve our
curriculum and ensure that our graduates have the necessary skills to
succeed. The survey will remain open until November 18. *

Dear DVM student,

Recently, the American Veterinary Medical Association updated its
accreditation standards.  Standard 7.5  Standard 5, Information Resources
states that, upon graduation, students must be "...competent in retrieving,
evaluating, and efficiently applying information..." You can read more
about the standards on the AVMA website

What’s more, keeping up to date is a statutory requirement for your
veterinary practice -- in order to maintain your license you'll need to
keep up to date in your field.   But how can one do so in such an
information-flooded world?

With that in mind, *we want to learn more about how you retrieve, evaluate
and apply information*.  We are conducting a study to understand how
current UPEI Atlantic Veterinary College DVM students read and understand
scientific literature.  This study,*Veterinary Student Reading Habits and
Information Literacy*, originally produced at Cornell University, is now
being distributed to students at your institution here in order to help us
understand DVM student behaviors both at University of Prince Edward Island
and on a larger scale.

The UPEI Research Ethics Board has approved this study. Contact the UPEI
Research Ethics Board at (902) 620-5104, or by email at reb at upei.ca if you
have any concerns about the ethical conduct of this study.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dawn Hooper,
Principal Investigator,dhooper at upei.ca

Thanks very much for your time - we appreciate your commitment and efforts
to improve your veterinary education. The Survey will be open until November
18, 2016.

*Veterinary Student Reading Habits and Information Literacy* Survey link


Dawn Hooper, Principal Investigator

Liaison Librarian for Atlantic Veterinary College

Robertson Library UPEI

dhooper at upei.ca   902-566-0453

Leigh Lamont, Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs
Atlantic Veterinary College
llamont at upei.ca  902-566-0374
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