[Avc2020] Food Drive

Linda Constable Lmconstable at groupwise.upei.ca
Mon Sep 26 10:25:40 ADT 2016

"Good morning everyone,

As you may or may not be aware - the UPEI campus food bank is in
serious need of some food donations. In previous years we have supported
the local food bank with minimal involvement on campus. However, this
year we have decided to support the UPEI campus food bank in their time
of need. They operate as an open door food bank to students who may need
one meal or several. Some of the items include spaghetti, spaghetti
sauce, mr.noodles, any type of granola bar, bread (which is perishable
but if you have some please email me emoses at upei.ca) and other 'easy'

Any little bit will help! Every classroom has a designated box and the
4th years have a box in their lounge. 

If anyone (staff and faculty included) is interested in a monetary
donation please contact me (emoses at upei.ca) directly and I will pool
money to buy perishable items. 

Thank you so much "

Thank you. 


Elizabeth N Moses
DVM Candidate 

(902) 802 0171 ( tel:%28902%29%20802%200171 )

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