[Avc2020] SAVS Laundry Exam Schedule

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Mon Apr 3 13:02:58 ADT 2017

Good-day AVC Students:

See below for the SAVS Laundry Exam Schedule. *All clothing items must be
picked up before April 21st at 1:20 PM.* The SAVS will not be responsible
for clothing items left during the summer break.

Cheers, and good luck on exams!

The SAVS Laundry Team

Monday, April 10th

Open; Regular Hours

Tuesday, April 11th

Open; Regular Hours

Wednesday, April 12th

Open; Regular Hours

Thursday, April 13th


Friday, April 14th


Monday, April 17th


Tuesday, April 18th

Closed ***Last day to drop off***

Wednesday, April 19th

Open; Regular Hours

Thursday, April 20th


Friday, April 21st

Open for Pick Up Only; 12:30 - 1:20 PM
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