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Fri Aug 11 15:30:58 ADT 2017

   - Volunteers needed for Class of 2021 Orientation
   - Incidents Involving Animals Conference Invite:  UC Davis - BARTA

*Volunteers needed for Class of 2021 Orientation:*

The Class of 2021 Orientation Committee is in need of volunteers to help us
out with orientation. We currently are looking students to help out with
the following:
Tours - August 24 from 9:30am to ~10:30am
Q&A Session - August 24 from 10:30am to ~11:30am and 2:00pm to ~3:00pm

Help with any or all of these would be greatly appreciated! Please email
Erin at erollins at upei.ca if you are able to help out. Thanks!”

*Incidents Involving Animals Conference Invite: UC Davis - BARTA*

*Incidents Involving Animals:*
*Managing Risk and Meeting Societal Needs Conference*
October 21-22, 2017 in Davis, California

Dear Colleague,

The *British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association* (BARTA) is holding
this year's conference in partnership with *UC Davis School of Veterinary

We are gearing up for a great event and would like to extend a very warm
welcome to you and your colleagues/members as we continue to develop a
growing community of people who are planning and preparing for incidents
involving animals.

*Advance ticket rates* open through September 15

*Key benefits of attending this year’s conference*
·      Check in on progress since the conference in Prague 2015
·      Collaborate with the international animal rescue community
·      Learn about latest innovation and research efforts for incidents
involving animals
·      Bring ideas and discuss relevant topics with colleagues
·      Maintain the profile of dealing with the animal component of
·      Support agencies and communities in developing local initiatives
·      Socialize with friends and colleagues with Western BBQ and
Californian wine tasting!
·      Be part of the journey!

*Agenda*, visit our event app https://whova.com/embedded/event/udbci_201710/
*Conference info* online, visit http://www.vetmed.ucdavi

Whether emergency responder, veterinarian, county or state animal rescue
team member; animal control, welfare society or local authority with
responsibility for developing county emergency plans - if your role
involves interacting with animals in any way, there is something for you in
California 2017!

  *Jim Green, Director, British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association*

* Claudia Sonder, DVM, Director of Outreach, Center for Equine Health, UC

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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