[Avc2020] IMPORTANT - Executive Elections and SAVS Laundry

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Mon Aug 28 19:57:28 ADT 2017

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful first day of classes. SAVS typically holds
an election in the fall for any positions on class executives and SAVS
executive that remain open from the spring. These opportunities are a great
way to develop leadership and interpersonal skills and can significantly
complement your education. Listed below are the roles that have yet to be
filled. I have attached a description of the different positions, but if
you have any further questions, feel free to find me or email me back and I
will do my best to clarify. As for the class of 2021, I will be in tomorrow
to go over this information in greater detail.

*Candidates needed for SAVS Executive*
Social Director

*Candidates needed for AVC Class of 2019*
SAVS Class Representative

*Candidates needed for AVC Class of 2020*


*Candidates needed for AVC Class of 2021*

President (Co-position option)

Vice President



Social Representative

Sports Representative

Fundraising Representative (Co-position option)
SAVS Class Representative

If you are interested in applying for a position, please send your
nomination to savs at upei.ca. This should include your name, the position of
interest, along with a short paragraph describing why you would be a good
candidate for the position.

The deadline for nominations will be *Thursday**, August 31st at 9 PM! *Voting
will occur shortly after and we will e-mail you when the voting polls are
open. *Please take the time to vote!*

We are also looking to hire two students for the *SAVS laundry*. This is a
paid position and does not represent a significant time commitment. Please
see the attached posting for details and information on how to apply
by *Tuesday
September 5th*.


Isabelle Falardeau
SAVS President
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