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*Accommodation/Dog Sitter:*

My husband and I are looking for  someone to stay at our cottage in
exchange for taking care of our dog over the winter months. We would supply
food etc.. for the dog.  If someone would be interested they would be
responsible for utilities only. The cottage is equipped with high speed
wifi, fibre opt, fireplace and electric heat as well.  The cottage is
located in Stratford on Rosebank road. My number is 902-394-2770
<(902)%20394-2770> and my email is peislandcottages at gmail.com if you know
of a vet student who would be interested. The dog is very friendly!

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Dixie Haley

Lisa Heron
Academic and Student Affairs
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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