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   - *Grand Rounds--February 13*
*VHM 411 Seminar Series--February 15 *
*SJDAWC News #33 published *
*Canadian Federation of Humane Societies holds annual conference April 8–11

*Grand Rounds--February 13*

Dr. Peter Foley will present “Management of Seizures,” during Grand Rounds
on Monday, February 13, 2017, in Room 287N, at 8:30 a.m.


*VHM 411 Seminar Series--February 15*

Wed., Feb 15., Lecture Theatre A, 8:15 a.m.

Robert Gao: Carp Pox and Fibroma on Koi Carp

Shannon Emmons: PRRSV Outbreak on a Sow Farm

Dominique Dupuis: Winter Ulcer in Atlantic Salmon

Mila Profit: Red Flags of Client Prescription Drug Abuse


*SJDAWC News #33 published*

The Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre (SJDAWC) has published its Winter
2017 newsletter. Please see the link to read SJDAWC News #33:



*Canadian Federation of Humane Societies holds annual conference April 8–11

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) will hold its national
Animal Welfare Conference in Ottawa at the Westin Ottawa, April 8–11, 2017.
Dr. David Suzuki will be the guest speaker at the CFHS’s 60th Anniversary
Awards Gala on Sunday, April 9. See attached file for more information.


Anna MacDonald
External Relations Officer
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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