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Hi Everyone,

If you bought pet food from the VTH in the last month, you may have noticed
it was cheaper than usual. We accidentally set the discount amount for
staff and students last month to be too high in the RxWorks system, and
were selling pet food for less than our cost. We have corrected the issue (
Wednesday), so you may notice that pet food prices have gone up. This is
because of the corrected discount, and also due to the fact that the food
companies raise their prices in the new year, so it's a double whammy. That
said, we continue to offer you our best possible price on pet food. Staff,
faculty, and student discounts on pet food are Cost on Royal Canin and
Hills, and Cost +10% on all other diets. Royal Canin and Hills treats are
included in the discount program. All other treats are not.

Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience.


Did you know that the pet food sold at the VTH comes with a 100% money back
guarantee. Ask our front desk staff for more information.

Every bag and can of pet food you purchase in the VTH goes to support the
education of future generations of veterinarians. Thank you for your

Dr. Heather Gunn McQuillan
Director, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Atlantic Veterinary College
hegunn at upei.ca
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