[Avc2020] Nominations for unfilled positions

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Wed Jan 4 10:17:04 AST 2017

Hello Class of 2020,

This is just a reminder that we are still looking for a Secretary and Sport
Representation for your class! If you are interested please send a short
blurb about yourself before noon today!

Genevieve Machum
Atlantic Veterinary College
DVM Candidate 2018
SAVS, Secretary
AVC Nutrition Club, President for Small Animal Nutrition
AVC Canine Club, Secretary
gmachum at upei.ca

*Class Secretary*

Take minutes at executive and general class meetings. Make minutes
available for class to view (either online or printed copies posted in
class). Set the agendas for class meetings; classmates can submit topics to
secretary prior to the meeting. Prepare presentations for the class as
needed. Make announcements, send emails, post to social networking sites,
etc to make sure pertinent class information is distributed.

*Class Sports Representative*

Plan and set up sporting and recreational events (ski trips, UPEI gym
events, softball league, etc.) Coordinate with UPEI gym and Bell Aliant
centre and provide class with information on intramurals, swim times, skate
times, etc. Work with SAVS sports rep during Broomball season; assist with
refereeing games and organizing.
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