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Hello Class of 2020!

Polls are now open for the rest of your class executive through campus
login. Below are your candidates. Please take time to vote - the *majority
of the class needs to vote* to make the election valid! Polls will *close
on Friday at 3 pm *

*Class Secretary*

1) Courtney Gallant

I’d like to nominate myself for class secretary. I’d like to be more
involved within the class, and think that this would be the best way to
help out with different class activities. I am organized and will make sure
to keep the class updated on all things that happen in the meetings and
other important things that are going on around the school.

Courtney Gallant

*Class Sport Representative *

1) Hannah Cox

As the previous semesters sports rep I have a good handle on the position
and the roles.  In addition I am highly invested in both sports and how
they can contribute to our class socially and financially.  I have a great
deal of experience with playing sports, as well as coaching and organizing
teams and events. I would be honored to continue my position of sports rep
for this year.

Hannah Cox
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