[Avc2020] Fwd: PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR 1st & 2nd YEAR STUDENTS: applications for 2017 MVSP Program in France can be submitted

Darlene Wakelin dwakelin at upei.ca
Thu Jan 12 11:26:42 AST 2017

To All 1st and 2nd Year AVC DVM Students:

Title: 2017 Merial Veterinary Scholars Program Europe (with Veterinary
Schools in France)


Interested 1st and 2nd year students from your College of Veterinary
Medicine may submit their applications for the 2017 MVSP in France to Dr.
Ludovic Freyburger. We provide opportunity for three
​North American
 students to spend their summer research training in laboratories at one of
the French veterinary schools.

The interested students can find the detailed application requirements and
proceeding as well as further information on the international program
including the research topics to choose from on the Merial Scholars Web
site (http://www.merialscholars.com/students/Pages/European-Schools.aspx).
A word version of the application form is included with this communication.

The deadline for your students to submit their applications is the 16
January 2017. This is likely to be prolonged given that we are already 9th


Darlene Wakelin
Larry Hammell​

Darlene Wakelin
Administrative Support
Graduate Studies and Research
Atlantic Veterinary College
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4P3
Phone: (902) 566-0572
dwakelin at upei.ca
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