[Avc2020] VetSRA Potential Supervisors

Darlene Wakelin dwakelin at upei.ca
Thu Jan 12 12:29:29 AST 2017

Hello Everyone:

Just to let you know we've updated the AVC Summer Research and Leadership
Program website:


with the names of some faculty who have indicated that they would be
willing to take on a DVM student this summer to work with them in research.
This should be helpful if you interested in applying to VetSRA or any of
the other DVM funding opportunities on the website.

If you go onto the website you will see a link "Potential DVM Student
VetSRA Research Concept". If you click on this there is a list of faculty,
their email addresses and concepts they would be willing to work on this
summer.  We will be updating this link as new ideas come in from faculty so
keep checking.

​We've also made a change ​to the guidelines for VetSRA when it comes to

Submit the completed application form (Part I, student), your letter of
intent, CV and transcripts.

*nofficial transcripts and degree audits are permissible for VetSRA
applications.  Anyone who has a USRA eligible faculty supervisor will be
asked for official transcripts to be submitted by Feb 16. *These documents
and the Supervisor’s Form (part II) must be received by the AVC Graduate
Studies and Research Office by 1 February 2017 at 4:00 pm. You will
automatically be included in both the VetSRA and the NSERC-USRA provided
that all application and supervisor criteria for both are met.

​If you have any questions regarding this email or anything to do with any
of the DVM research opportunities don't hesitate to contact me.

Darlene Wakelin
Administrative Support
Graduate Studies and Research
Atlantic Veterinary College
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4P3
Phone: (902) 566-0572
dwakelin at upei.ca
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