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*Grand Rounds: Clinical Nutrition of ICU Patients, January 16 *
*VHM 411 Seminar Series, January 18 *
   - *Job opportunities at the Cat Hospital of Kamloops (British Columbia)*


*Grand Rounds: **Clinical Nutrition of ICU Patients, J**anuary 16*

Dr. Parr will present “Nutritional Needs of ICU Patients” on* Monday,
January 16, at 8:30 a.m.*, in Lecture Theatre A. All are welcome!


*VHM 411 Seminar SeriesWednesday, January 18, Lecture Theatre A, 8:15 a.m.*
*Please note the early start time.*

*Natalie Dow*: Total hip replacement in an Australian Cattle Dog

*Damita Hansen*: Subfertility in an embryo donor mare

*Matt MacFarlane*: En bloc chest wall resection of a soft tissue sarcoma in
a dog

*Nicolle Davis*: Large colon volvulus in a 16 y.o. Paint mare

Everyone is welcome!


*Job opportunities at the Cat Hospital of Kamloops (British Columbia)*

*Summer position: *We are looking for a veterinary student with an interest
in feline medicine and surgery. Our hospital is fully staffed, including 2
AHTs. The successful student will have an opportunity to work with Dr.
Sandy as his assistant. Visit our website www.thecathospital.ca to learn
more about the hospital. If interested, please apply to
info at thecathospital.ca

*Job opportunity for graduates: *Opportunity knocks. Do you want to work
with a knowledgeable experienced senior veterinarian who will provide
mentoring as you begin your career? The newly established Cat Hospital of
Kamloops requires an associate veterinarian. This hospital is successful by
any measure since it offers a caring staff (including 2 AHTs) along with
facilities that are exemplary. We are looking for a candidate who will
strive to excel in the art of feline medicine and surgery. You will be
guided by Dr. Sandy who has an extensive resume and is excited to work with
an enthusiastic new graduate. The starting salary is generous, and a
long-term opportunity exists.

Apply to *info at thecathospital.ca <info at thecathospital.ca>*

Thank you



The Cat Hospital of Kamloops

BENGAL-1111 (236-425-1111 <(236)%20425-1111>)



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External Relations Officer
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