[Avc2020] IMPORTANT - Exceutive nominations

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Mon Mar 13 11:28:45 ADT 2017

Good Morning AVC Students!

The semester is quickly drawing to a close. It's an exciting time for those
finishing their first-year of studies, those graduating, those entering
clinical rotations and those spending some much needed time away from
studies. It's also an exciting time for elections!

In the spring of each semester the SAVS organizes elections for each of the
returning class years as well as the SAVS Executive Positions. Not only
will we be soliciting your volunteerism, but each club will be looking to
fill their executive boards. Each student of the AVC has something great to
offer in these roles, so please consider a position.

If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of these roles,
please ask! We will do our best to answer them or put you in contact with
someone familiar with the role.

*SAVS Executive 2017 - 2018*:


Vice President



Public Relations Officer

Athletic Director

Social Director

2018; 2019; 2020 *Class Executive 2017 - 2018*:

President (Co-position option)

Vice President



Social Representative

Sports Representative

Fundraising Representative (Co-position option)
SAVS Class Representative

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please email
savs at upei.ca with your name and a short paragraph or two about why you are
well suited for the position. Descriptions and responsibilities of each
position are attached below. For information on the Honour Code Committee
please see the Pre-Clinical Academic Handbook attached (Page 41).

The deadline for nominations are *Friday, March 24 at 5 pm! *Voting will
occur between March 27-30th.

The SAVS Executive
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