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Fri Mar 17 14:09:18 ADT 2017

   - Pet Sitter Needed
   - Rayne Clinical Nutrition Lecture - March 30th at 4:30 pm in Lecture "A"
   - Student Parenting Survey
   - VHM 411 Seminar Series - Last one for Class of 2017 - Wednesday, March
   - Still Seeking Student Ambassadors
   - Student Volunteers for 2017 CVMA National Convention in July.
   - Suture Review 2017
   - 2017 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal
   - Lunch Lecture with Dennis Hagel, CEO of Carnivora In Raw Food: Mother
   Nature's Diet - Thursday, March 23rd - Lecture "B"

*Pet Sitter Needed*


 My veterinarian suggested that I email just in case someone was available.

 I am looking for pet sitter for a 12-year old miniature poodle and a 13
year old cat. The poodle is a ‘rescue’ from a Humane Society over 5 years
ago and still has separation anxiety. He hyperventilates if put in a cage
or crate so I cannot put him in a kennel.

 My normal house sitter is not available for 2 months so I am looking for
someone who might be available more often.

 My 13 month granddaughter has leukaemia (infant All) and has been in the
IWK Children’s Hospital for 5 months and will be for a good number of
months longer (hopefully, if the chemo continues).

 I hope to go over Halifax at the following times to relieve my daughter:

March 31st to April 3rd

April 16th to the 23rd.

  There will be dates beyond that time, but I can only project in the near

 I can only pay *$20 a night* as I am trying to help with their expenses.

 Address: A Home at 151 Cathy Drive, off York Point Road in North River

Telephone: 902-892-2538 <(902)%20892-2538>.    You can text 902-218-0707
<(902)%20218-0707>. Email: gallantcampbell at gmail.com.

I am a sessional at UPEI in the School of Business.

Thank you very much


*Rayne Clinical Nutrition Lecture*

Rayne Clinical Nutrition titled, "Performing a Successful Nutritional
Assessment in Clinical Practice" and is open to the AVC community. It will
be held on Thursday, March 30th at 4:30 pm in Lecture Hall A.  (Poster

*Student Parenting Survey*

Dear Veterinary Student,

Our research team at The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts
University is conducting a survey to quantify the number of veterinary
students and house-officers at accredited veterinary campuses who are also
parenting and/or family planning, or have altered family planning in order
to complete their veterinary training. *We invite you to consider
responding to our survey, even if you are not a parent or have no plans to
start a family! The survey will take no more 10-15 minutes of your time*.
Responses to the survey will be kept confidential and will not be linked to
your name.

Please use the following link to access the survey:


We would like to thank you for your participation. *Upon completion of the
survey you will be eligible for a drawing to win one of five Amazon gift
card for $100.00 each*. In addition, names of participants from the three
veterinary institutions with the highest response rate among students and
house-officers will be entered in the drawing twice, so please encourage
your peers to participate!

We aim to determine the extent to which veterinary colleges provide support
services and create learning and working environments that are supportive
of parenting and family planning. As the veterinary profession continues to
evolve, such data will better inform veterinary institutions about how to
develop best practices and improve quality of life for this demographic.
Your responses are of great value to our team as there exists no
demographic data on the number of veterinary students or house-officers who
experience pregnancy, are parents, become parents during their veterinary
training or alter family planning due to their training.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have
regarding this survey at (Marieke.Rosenbaum at tufts.edu).

Thank you,

Brianna Molter, V18

Annie Wayne, DVM, MPH, DACVECC

Megan Mueller, PhD, MA, Research Assistant Professor

Marieke Rosenbaum, DVM, MPH, MS, Research Assistant Professor

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

*VHM 411 Seminar Series - Last one for Class of 2017 - Wednesday, March


*Wed., March 22         Lecture Theatre A              8:15 a.m.*

*Lisa Leachman - Acute Hepatitis in 2-yr-old Alaskan Malamute *

*Vanessa Gerber - Traumatic cervical injury in a Rouen Duck*

*Kathleen Muckenhirn  - Discospondylitis in a 7 yr old Doberman*

*Ryan Labang - Causes of Maritime Bald Eagle Mortality in 1989-2016*

                   *         Everyone Welcome!*

*Still Seeking Student Ambassadors*

Regional interviews will take place on Monday, May 1 from 8:30 am to
3:30 pm and
we are recruiting student ambassadors to escort interviewees to admissions
activities, provide a school tour (training provided), have lunch at the
Wanda Wyatt (free), and answer questions.

Dr. Lamont will provide a pizza lunch on Friday, April 7 at 12:30 pm in
Lecture Theatre B to share additional information and answer questions you
might have. If interested, please fill in the form here
send an email to jmacwilliam at upei.ca.

*Student Volunteers for 2017 CVMA National Convention in July*

This year's convention will be held in Charlottetown from Wednesday, July
13 to Sunday, July 16.  Volunteers are needed for various positions (e.g.,
kit stuffing, room monitors, being Biscuit, the CVMA mascot at the welcome
reception, breaks, and lunches).  If interested, please fill in the the
application form below, scan, and send to address on the form. This is a
unique opportunity and if you volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, you will
receive a complimentary admission to the full convention. (Form Attached)

*Suture Review 2017*

"Faculty, Staff, and Students of the AVC!

The Class of 2019 would like to formally invite you to Suture Review 2017!
Join us for a night of parody, live acts, music, and more! There will also
be a silent auction this year with tons of fun items to bid on including an
eat-the-whole-menu gift card to Hopyard and a KPF saddle pad from Kent

When: March 25th, Doors open at 7pm
Where: The PEI Brewing Company, Charlottetown

Tickets are on sale now through Wednesday, March 22nd from 12:30-1:20pm every
day! We will also be selling right before and after clinical
conference on Wednesday,
March 22nd!

$15 in advance
$20 at the door

We also are accepting e-transfer to 2019avc at gmail.com (password:
suturereview). If you send your payment via e-transfer please add $1 for
the fee it charges our account to accept your payment (E.g. For one ticket,
$16. For two, $31).

We hope you join us!

-The AVC Class of 2019"

*2017 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal

*Dear Interested Large Animal Students, *

The 2017 Cornell CVM Large Animal Symposium committee would like to invite
all students interested in large animal medicine at your school to attend
our 2017 Symposium.  This year the symposium will be held April 14th and
15th at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine campus in
Ithaca, NY.

This event is open to Veterinary students of all class years and provides
the opportunity for lots of hands on experience! The symposium will begin
Friday night with dinner, keynote speakers, and an ice cream social.
Saturday we will provide breakfast and lunch, and there will be the
opportunity to participate in four hands-on, clinician guided wet lab
sessions. Wet lab sessions cover various aspects of bovine, equine, small
ruminant, poultry, and swine medicine!

*Registration is open now! The deadline to register is April 1st, 2017. *

The cost to attend the symposium is only $45! This includes the keynote
speakers, 3 meals, 4 hands on, clinician guided wet labs, a commemorative
t-shirt, and information from our sponsors!

Directions for registration, as well as information about our currently
available wet labs can be found on our website
<http://blogs.cornell.edu/largeanimalsymposium/>, las.vet.cornell.edu.  See
the attached image for our tentative wet lab offerings!

Like our Facebook Page
<https://www.facebook.com/Large-Animal-Symposium-2017-194794404333151/> for

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at
lascornell at gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!

*Sincerely, *

Your 2017 Cornell CVM Large Animal Symposium Directors

Alicia Chisholm - AASV Representative

Ari Wadsworth - AAAP Representative

Kerry Schneider- AABP Representative

Amy Trey- AABP Representative

Ben Daggett- AAEP- Representative

Christina Watts- AASRP Representative

MJ Sun- AASRP Representative

*Lunch Lecture with Dennis Hagel, CEO of Carnivora In Raw Food: Mother
Nature's Diet - Thursday, March 23rd - Lecture "B"*
Poster is Attached.

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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