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Hello Class of 2020!

Election polls are now open for your class and the SAVS executive. Please
take the time and read the following nominations before you vote through
your UPEI login (https://secure.upei.ca/login.html) so you can make an
informed decision. *Polls will close on Thursday at midnight. *

(**Last year there was a prize for the class with the highest voter
turnout! Please vote!)

Genna M
SAVS Secretary

*2020 Electoral Candidates *

*President *

*1) Kaleigh Wakaluk*

Hello friends! After spending the past semester as your President, I have
decided to put forth my bid as 2020 Class President for the 2017/2018
Academic Year. The first year was full of challenges but I know that with
what I've learned the next year will be even better year than this one. I
would be honoured to have another year to work alongside the amazing group
of people who make up our executive team and continue the work and plans we
started this year. I promise to work as hard as I can to tackle all new
challenges to make sure everyone has an amazing year, and as always, please
don't hesitate to come to me with any concerns or questions you may have!
Thank you so much for your consideration!

Kaleigh Wakaluk

*Vice President *

*1) Kelsey Fugere *

Hi there! My name is Kelsey Fugere and I am running again for Vice
President. I have been fortunate to serve as Vice President this semester,
and would like to continue working in this position for our class. I will
continue creating the class weekly calendar, aiding the President whenever
necessary, and assisting in planning fun events/fundraisers for our class.
My goal, and hope, is for our class to have a better and more successful
year than we did first year. Please vote for me!


Kelsey Fugere

*Treasurer *

*1) Jessica D'Amico*

Hi Everyone,

I have very much enjoyed being your Treasurer for our first year of vet
school and would love for the opportunity to continue in this position. In
addition to managing the class bank account and finances, I enjoy being
someone that you can come to with any questions or concerns. I know that I
can be a trustworthy and organized treasurer while also maintaining my
academic responsibilities. I hope I have been doing a good job for our
class so far and would be very happy to continue as your Treasurer.

Thank you!

Jessica D'Amico

*Sports Representative *

*1) Shanna-Lynn Neily*

I would like to nominate myself for the sports representative position. I
have played soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton all throughout my
childhood and was on my high school track and field team. I was captain of
my Division 1 soccer team for three years and co-captain of my high school
soccer team. I have experience planning events and I am very organized and
detail oriented. I have several ideas for events for next year, like tag
archery and a ski trip. I want our next year to be full of exciting and fun
sporting events.

Thank you,

Shanna-Lynn Neily

*2) Hannah Cox*

*Social Representative *

*1) Elizabeth Clark*

I would like to nominate myself for Class of 2020 Social Rep for the
2017-2018 year. My main goal as social rep would be to bring diversity to
the social activities offered to the class. I would like to create a social
calendar and include a wide variety of activities so we can participate in
things that appeal to everyone. Some ideas I have would be outdoor
activities like hikes, dog park trips, ski/snowboard trips and ice skating,
crafty activities such as knitting/crochet circles, movie nights, paint
balling, etc along with continuation of the much enjoyed parties we've had
this year. I would like to be able to be a point person to help all the
members of the class get their social activities presented and listed in a
convenient spot while keeping scheduling conflicts to a minimum. Thank you
for considering me for the position,

Liz Clark

C/O 2020

*2) Erika Pugh*

I am interested in continuing as the social representative for the class of
2020. Being the social representative for the past year has taught me a lot
about what our class enjoys doing and I already have some great ideas for
next year! I've had a great time being the social rep for our class and I
think next year can be even better than this year was!


Erika Pugh

*Fundraising Representative *

*1) Krystina Lewis*

I would like to re-nominate myself for the 2020 Fundraising Representative.
I have completed many fundraising events in the past with Therapeutic
Riding Associations as well as with Rotaract. This past year, I have
organized class fundraisers including candy grams and assisted the social
rep with our first year formal event.

I would love to continue to represent the class of 2020 as the fundraising
representative. As there are many fundraising events for second year, I
would be accepting of a co-representative.

Thank you,

Krystina Lewis

Class of 2020

*SAVS Representative*

*1) Elizabeth LaVallee  *

Hello Class of 2020! It is that time of year again where we vote for our
class executives for the coming school year. I will be re-submitting my
nomination for the 2020 SAVS Representative position. I have thoroughly
enjoyed this position and now have a more in depth understanding of the
intricacies of how SAVS operates at the AVC. During my current run in the
position I have learned how to be a proactive and engaged member of the
SAVS team and our class executive team. I enjoy being a liaison for all our
class concerns and being able to bring interesting events like Mental
Health Week and theme days like Professional Dress and Ugly Sweater Day to
our community. I ask for your votes to remain in this position and to
continue to support you all and bring forth even more great ideas to
improve the AVC community. If you have any questions regarding my bid for
this position, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. As always your
concerns and thoughts about improving the class and AVC are always

*SAVS Electoral Candidates *

*President *

*1) Twila Booke*

Greetings AVC students!  Congrats on surviving midterms and good luck on
finals!  If we haven’t met, I’m Twila Maloney, and I am running for SAVS
President.  I’ve had two years of experience as a SAVS class representative
and I’ve learned how things work.  Now, I’d like to serve the entire
student body as your President.  I’ve had valuable experience in leadership
roles and student government before and during vet school to prepare
myself, most recently as a SAVS representative, as Vice President of ECC,
and as a Peer Helper.  Previously, I held leadership positions in high
school student government and in the Colorado dance community.  I have
reliably taken on extra responsibilities when called upon, while staying
organized and focused on my studies.

I believe that those who can help, must help.  I would like to put that
commitment to work for you—to help fulfill our obligation leave our vet
college a better place than we found it.  In particular, I would like to
continue to improve upon already existent services, continue our work to
improve communications and relations with the greater UPEI community,
foster an inclusive and professional atmosphere within AVC, and provide AVC
students with the greatest possible support—academically,  financially, and
mentally.  I want to help and I believe I can. Thank you for voting.
Here’s to making next year the best yet!

*2) Isabelle Falardeau*

My name is Isabelle Falardeau and I am a 2nd year student from Montreal.

Involvement to serve our student body has been at the heart of my best
experiences at AVC to date, and I would love to continue to serve our
colleagues, by applying to become SAVS' next president. This past school
year, I have had the pleasure to be a part of SAVS, acting as the group's
social representative. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which convinced
me to apply for this opportunity. I also currently sit on the wellness
committee as a peer helper. This has, in particular, given me the
opportunity to build many meaningful connections amongst peers, by
listening to what matters most to them in their studies, and what we can do
to help them be at their best while we study here together at AVC.

The AVC community is very important to me and is one I am proud of. I would
humbly welcome the opportunity to represent my peers as president and do my
best to make our time here at AVC as positive and meaningful as possible.
My previous leadership roles, as well as the relationships and skills I
have developed in serving the group in different functions, position me
well to meet responsibilities of the role.

I thank you for the consideration and I look forward to working together in
one way or another,


*Vice President *

1) Gillian Gwartz

Hello fellow AVC students. My name is Gillian Gwartz, I am currently a
second-year student and I am running for Vice President of SAVS.  I am
currently President of the Nutrition Club and Secretary of the One Health
Club.  Within these roles, I am privileged to contribute organizational
skills, creativity, and communication skills to help bring educational
events and fun activities to our school. I am running because I enjoy
contributing to the AVC community. I would like to share new ideas to bring
all the classes closer together as one group and to open us up to
opportunities outside of our community.  There is a big world out there,
and I want every student to be able to go out into the world and leave
their mark.

*2) Briar Spinney*

Hello everyone, my name is Briar Spinney, I'm currently in second year, and
I think I would be a perfect fit for the position of VP of SAVS. These last
two years have been the first time in a while that I was not directly
involved in multiple committees. In my pre-AVC life I’ve worked as resident
advisor, Vice-president of Social activities, President of Student Council,
and on community executive boards. I realize how much I truly love being at
the heart of student council, and to help coordinate activities or work
towards various goals in order to improve student life. I naturally have a
tendency to assume a leadership role and I am quite versatile in how my
experiences can assist the council as a whole. I’d love to work with each
council member and assist wherever I am needed. In the unlikely event of a
president stepping down, I would be comfortable stepping up to the plate!
I’m a chatter-box, so if anyone has any questions or concerns don’t
hesitate to ask. #Briar4VP


*1) Jacki Caldwell*

I would like to run for the secretary position on the SAVS executive. I
think SAVS does a great job with positively contributing to the AVC
community and I would like to become a part of what they do. I would
consider myself someone who works well with others, so if chosen I am
excited to collaborate with other members of the executive to further
improve the AVC student life.

During my first two years here I have been involved with a variety of
executives, such as the nutrition club, animal welfare club, and the Class
of 2019 executive. Having to juggle various commitments has required me to
be organized, which I think is a quality necessary in fulfilling this
position. I have also had many jobs (too many to count) that have given me
experience in working under pressure, being prompt, and problem solving
that would help me be a beneficial member of the SAVS executive.

Thank you for your consideration and good luck with exams everyone!

*Athletic Director *

*1) Andrew Flynn *

As Sports Representative for the Class of 2019, I've come to realize just
how important it is to give students the opportunity to forget about the
stress that can come with the vet school workload. Events like the SAVS
Broomball are very effective in promoting class bonding while also allowing
students to get some exercise and socialize in a stress-free environment.
If elected, I plan on using what I learned this past year to help students
get the most out of such events as well as planning more school-wide events
that any student can comfortably participate in, such as dodgeball and

*Public Relations Officer *

*1) Sarah Lynch *

My name is Sarah Lynch, and I’m a second year student from Pennsylvania.
Over the past two years I have grown to love this community and the many
ways in which its members support one another. As an international student,
I am especially grateful for the warm welcome and the sense of comfort I
immediately felt as I transitioned to the island. Because of this, I have
made every effort to be an active part of my adopted community by
volunteering, regularly participating in local events and fundraisers,
supporting local businesses, and making connections with its members. I
believe these connections would serve me well in this position, and help to
strengthen old relationships as well as form new beneficial connections
between the school and the community. Throughout the years I have held
numerous leadership roles, and through those gained valuable experience in
public speaking and event planning. I feel these skills, as well as my
devotion to both AVC and the island community, would serve me well in this
position as Public Relations officer for SAVS. I thank you for your
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