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   - Equine Medicine Students
   - Pet Caretaker - June, 2017

*Equine Medicine Students:*

I am contacting the Atlantic veterinary college as a representative of
NB/PEI Regional Pony Club. We are hosting a few events this summer and we
are wondering if there would be any veterinary students that would like to
participate for volunteer hours? The events are to be held in October 2017.
Regional dressage championships will be held October 14th where we are
looking for Equine first aid to be on site for the duration of the event
until the on call veterinarian can get to the site. This person will be
responsible for assisting the horses if any accidents, lameness or illness
should occur. We will also have first aid on site for riders and
spectators. The second event is October 15th where we are hosting a youth
education day to all Pony Club members from the NB/PEI region. Here we will
have educational booths set up and would like some veterinary students to
discuss such things as deworming, nutrition, Equine dentistry, etc. All
presentation topics are welcomed! We can pay travel costs, food/lodging for
the weekend for up to 5 students. If there is anyone interested in
participating you can reach me here or by phone at 506-663-9279.

Thank you
Lindsay Fleming
NB/PEI Regional Show Jumping Chair
NB/PEI Regional Rally Chair

*Pet Caretaker - June, 2017:*

We require a responsible person to care for our 17-year old female cat
(Abby), 7-10 days during the month of June. She requires administrations of
a couple of drugs by mouth, morning and evening, plus feeding, tlc and
litter cleaning.

​Dates: flexible

Location: Stratford,PE

​Please respond, stating expected daily pay range

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs Office
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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