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Fri May 5 15:44:41 ADT 2017

   - Upgrades to AVC Building Security
   - Corporate Rate - Rodd Hotels and Resorts

*Upgrades to AVC Building Security:*

The security of our teaching, research and service spaces, and the people
who work in those areas, is of paramount importance. UPEI Security Services
will be upgrading building security by installing a new door security
system (SALTO) which will be *activated by your UPEI identification card* in
the near future (beginning late May).  In AVC, all doors currently on the
(grey card or FOB) keyscan system will switched to this system and
programmed the same as they are currently programmed.

In preparation for the new security access, everyone will need to ensure
that they have an updated campus ID card as shown here:
http://www.upei.ca/vpaf/campuscard. This card has an embedded RFID chip.
The cards will not be swiped but held in proximity to the scan device (like
the current grey car
s and FOBs). Only  this type of card will work. If you don’t have this type
of ID card, you will need to get an updated card at the Chi-Wan Young
Sports Centre or the Registrar's Office.  *The replacement card fee will
not apply.* Please bring your old card to return. The College will be
providing all AVC faculty, staff and students with a card holder and a
lanyard to secure your campus ID card and allow you to keep it with you and
accessible at all times.

*Note - the current grey key cards and FOBs will no longer be used once the
new system is in place.*

To improve security and comply with recommended practices, the College has
added a number of doors to be included in the new keyscan system.
Initially your campus ID card will be programmed with your current building
access so there should be no disruption in movement.  In advance of
security being activated on the additional doors over the coming months,
supervisors will identify individuals requiring access to the restricted
areas and these access privileges will be added to your card .

The plan is to start installing the new locks on doors in AVC the latter
part of May.  We are not able to give users a specific schedule as each
door will take a different amount of time to complete.  As long as people
have the proper type of ID card there should be limited disruption. If you
experience any difficulties please inform your supervisor and we will
address ASAP.


Greg Keefe, DVM MSc MBA
Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave
Charlottetown PE CANADA

*Corporate Rate - Rodd Hotels and Resorts:*
We are happy to offer the AVC an exclusive deal for Rodd Crowbush. Attached
is more information, including a rate code.

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs Office
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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