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   - Summer Volunteering Opportunities for Student Veterinarians
   - Summer Employment
   - Candidates - Term Position in Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

*Summer Volunteering Opportunities for Student Veterinarians:*


As leaders in our field, GoEco provides expert  volunteer

and internship opportunities for students of

Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Volunteer Opportunities for Veterinary and Animal Sciences

*Download our poster to share with your department!

*Contact Us*





US: +1 646 240 4545 <(646)%20240-4545>  UK: +44 203 318 4004
<+44%2020%203318%204004>  AU: +61 2 8014 9393 <+61%202%208014%209393>

goeco at goeco.org <content at goeco.org>

www.goeco.org <http://goeco.org/>

*Summer Employment:*

Good afternoon,

Once again this summer we are reaching out to you in hopes that you would
post an opportunity for your students to get some experience with large
animals, specifically Angus Beef Cattle (organic, grass-fed) and Arabian
horses, (we also have golden retrievers on-farm as well).  We are located
on the outskirts of Cambridge-Narrows, NB, approximately 1.25 hours east of
Moncton. We offer on-site meals and accommodations, and are willing to
negotiate a compensation package.  We need people who are willing to get
their hands dirty, work long hours, have excellent communications skills
(written, verbal, and computer), and will abide by our smoking prohibition
on-farm.  Calving season is already in progress, and is expected to
continue through August, with 200+ calves expected, so lots of work, and
lots of chances for people to gain experience with these animals from birth
through senior/retirement.  Interested students can email resumes to
anguseastorganics at hotmail.com or fax to 1-506-488-2974 <(506)%20488-2974>,
or if they wish to learn more about us by visiting our website at
www.anguseastorganics.com .

Thank you in advance,

Marie Johnson for

Dr. Dianne Stackhouse and Gerry Caissie

Angus East Organics

Phone: 1-506-488-2181 <(506)%20488-2181>

Fax: 1-506-488-2974 <(506)%20488-2974>

Email: dsgc at mac.com

            anguseastorganics at hotmail.com

website: www.anguseastorganics.com

*Candidates - Term Position in Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging:*

The Department of Companion Animals will be interviewing three (3)
candidates for the open, twelve-month term, lecturer faculty position in
radiology & diagnostic imaging.   As part of the interview process, each
candidate has been asked to present a 50-minute lecture suitable for 3rd year
DVM students on the topic of radiation safety.

*Dr. Colleen Hughes (AVC Class of 2006)*

*Monday, May 15th, 2017*

*SEMINAR* @ 12:30pm in AVC Lecture Theatre “B”

*     The Importance of Radiation Safety in a Veterinary Setting*

*Dr. Amy Lister-Kasycz (AVC Class of 2012)*

*Tuesday, May 16th, 2017*

*SEMINAR* @ 12:30pm in AVC Lecture Theatre “B”

*     Don't Go Into the Light!  What you Need to Know about Radiation

*Dr. Jennifer MacLean (AVC Class of 2010)*

*Wednesday, May 17th, 2017*

*SEMINAR* @ 12:30pm in AVC Lecture Theatre “B”

*     Radiation Safety in Veterinary Medicine*

* All interested fourth-year students are invited to attend.*

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs Office
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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