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   - Chinook Project Information Session
   - Veterinary Students help for Puerto Rico
   - Royal Canin Consult Service
   - SAVMA Mug Sale
   - Animal Welfare talks at UPEI October 16 & 17

*Chinook Project Information Session:*

On Friday October 6th a short information session will be held on the
Chinook Project, a 4th year rotation that sends a team of veterinarians and
students to remote areas of Canada's North to provide free care to animals.
Come and find out if this rotation is for you. Lecture theatre A 12:30-1:30.
For more information, check our the Chinook Project on

*Veterinary Students help for Puerto Rico:*

A message from Jules Good, SAVMA President of Ross University:
"Morning ladies and gentlemen! (Please read all and help with what you can)
As you may already know, the island that I call home, St. Kitts, was hit
with 2 category 5 hurricanes with the last 3 weeks. The island NEVER and
when I mean never gets hit badly by hurricanes, I mean that the last time
the island was severely affected by a hurricane was 20 years ago.
Thankfully, we were spared but our sister islands were not. Our sister
schools on St. Maarten(Irma) and Dominica(Maria) were destroyed, flattened,
and are currently uninhabitable. Thankfully almost all of our students on
St. Maarten have been safely evacuated over the last few weeks.
Unfortunately, we are still in the process of doing just that for Dominica.
24 hours before Maria hit, it was classified simply just a disturbance.
Within hours it had escalated to a category 5 hurricane. Along with
Dominica and many other islands, Puerto Rico was obliterated. The flooding
has increased even after the rain has stopped, all of their supplies such
as fuel and food have almost completely run out and chaos and lack of order
set in within less than 24 hours. If you do not already know, a good
population of RUSVM students are Puerto Ricans. I thank God that we have
not lost a student but our students have lost countless family members, the
homes they grew up in, and everything they loved and owned. Can you imagine
dealing with this all while in the middle of the semester that has been
accelerated due to the time we lost from the hurricanes? I literally
cannot. We have come together as a community and have been holding many
drives and showing support for the many islands that were tragically
devastated by these hurricanes.
I urge you to share this with your colleagues, faculty, and staff. I will
be sharing links at a later date to help the students and faculty members
who have been suddenly uprooted from the place they call home on St.
Maarten and Dominica. Below is the link to the gofundme we have started to
help Puerto Rico. The goal is $10,000 but in all reality the damage to that
island is well into the millions. Please help me in supporting my
colleagues as they go through some of the hardest times.
Thank you for reading and for any donations. Even a $1 is gratefully


*Royal Canin Consult Service:*

I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of an amazing resource
available to us through Royal Canin. As students, we now have access to a
veterinary nutrition case consult service (as well as a plethora of
information and resources) completely free of charge!

To register, go to: https://vet-royalcanin-ca.force.com/ and select "New
User". When prompted, enter your contact information and type "Atlantic
Veterinary College Students" as the clinic name.  Once you have submitted
your information, you will receive an email to verify your account.

To access the case consult service (where you will communicate with a board
certified veterinary clinical nutritionist), you can either:
1.  Log in on the website and select "Case Management" --> "Case
Consultation" --> "Submit New Case Consultation"
2. Call 1-866-567-7088 <(866)%20567-7088> to speak with someone in person.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

*Sarah K. Lynch*
DVM Candidate 2019~Atlantic Veterinary College
Zoetis Canada-AVC Student Representative
Royal Canin Canada-AVC Student Veterinary Representative
Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students-Public Relations Representative

*SAVMA Mug Sale:*

"Need an easy Christmas gift to give to family members? Want to add to your
mug collection or promote your caffeine addiction?" SAVMA has you covered!
We are selling mugs for $10! We accept cash, check or etransfers to
avc.scavma at gmail.com (password is mug2017)!

*Animal Welfare talks at UPEI Oct 16 & 17:*

The SJDAWC is pleased to host eminent animal welfare scientist Professor
David Mellor, University of Massey, New Zealand, for two days in October. Much
of his pioneering and well-recognized work in the animal welfare field is
on animal emotions and behaviour and promotion of positive welfare states
(companion animals, farm animals, others). Dr. Mellor will give 4 talks
while at AVC.

*Monday, October 16*
*12:30–1:20 pm **Development of survival-critical behaviours in newborn
mammals  *(lecture theatre A)
*- po*stnatal onset of behavioural flexibility in groups of young with
different levels of brain maturity at birth; q*uestions related to fetal
and neonatal consciousness and implications for the welfare of various
groups of mammals; pre and post-hatching consciousness in birds*

*4:00**–5:30 pm  I**ntroducing breathlessness as a significant animal
welfare issue *(lecture theatre A)
*- types of breathlessness; breathlessness in equine athletes & in
brachycephalic dogs; breathlessness & euthanasia methods*

*Tuesday, October 17*
*10.30-11.20  The Five Domains Model for Animal Welfare Assessment *(rooms
*- scientific foundations of the Model; primary purposes, misapplications
and appropriate applications; uses in research teaching and testing*

*7:00-8:30 pm  Thriving, not merely surviving: A fresh perspective on
animal welfare  *(lecture theatre A)

Dr. Mellor's fields of expertise are:  animal welfare science, regulation
and management; applied physiology; bioethics; and fetal and neonatal
physiology and welfare.

Latest paper: Mellor, D.J. (2017). Operational details of the Five Domains
Model and its key applications to the assessment and management of animal
welfare. *Animals 7*(8), 60; doi:10.3390/ani7080060. Access via:

Many more publications are listed at

Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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