[Avc2020] 2017 AVC Open House

Linda Constable lmconstable at upei.ca
Tue Oct 10 13:39:23 ADT 2017

This year's AVC Open House was a real success with approximately 3,500
community members taking part, many hundreds of stuffed animals given a
checkup, and lots of balloon animals handed out to excited children.

Our Open House is one of our main community outreach events and I want to
extend a big thank you and congratulations to our student organizers and
the many volunteers who did a great job of welcoming our friends from the
community and making Open House 2017 a wonderful success. It was a great
opportunity to showcase the wonderful people and programs we have at AVC.

I echo the sentiments of Sarah Lynch, student organizer and a member of the
AVC Class of 2019.   “It was truly rewarding to see the halls of AVC filled
with visitors and students interacting, learning, and having fun! I am
filled with gratitude and admiration for all of the hard work done by my
fellow students who helped make this year's event such a success.”

Again thank you to all who took time out of their busy schedules to
contribute to the overwhelming success of this event.


Greg Keefe


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