[Avc2020] New AVC - DVM Program Student Discount in the VTH

Heather Gunn-McQuillan hegunn at upei.ca
Fri Sep 8 17:46:03 ADT 2017

Hello Everyone,

The VTH is pleased to announce a new discount program in the teaching
hospital for DVM students. This program is brand new this year, and is
great way for students to become clients of the VTH and to become familiar
with your clinical teaching hospital. The discount includes:

25% off *all* services (referral or primary care)
25% off *all* medications and products
Cost on all Royal Canin and Science Diet Pet Foods
Cost +10% on all other foods
Waiving of $75 Small animal after hours emergency fee for all established
student clients (if you've never been to the clinic before and have to come
in on emergency you would be required to pay the additional $75 fee)
Special promotions for all established student clients through our
community practice service

This discount went into effect *September 1, 2017* and is a pilot program
for 1 year. We are hopeful that it will be well used so that we can
continue to offer it and build on it for the future.

*In order to participate in the program, you must register your animal with
us in the VTH. This is done by completing the attached form and emailing it
back to us. *Patients will be enrolled in the program with a note on the
file that they are eligible for the student discount program and this
discount will be manually applied by billing staff prior to completion of
the bill.

Please be patient with us as we kick off this new program and work to
busily enroll all animals owned by students into the system over the next
few weeks. If you need hospital services prior to your animal being
enrolled, please bring this to the attention of the clinician on your case
and we will enroll your animal and apply the discount prior to billing.

As a reminder, all payment for procedures in the VTH is due at time of

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Dr. Heather Gunn McQuillan
Director, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Atlantic Veterinary College
hegunn at upei.ca
(902) 566-0866-Work
(902) 566-0587-FAX

AVC Veterinary Teaching Hospital
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave.
Charlottetown PE.
C1A 4P3
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