[Avc2020] Zuku Effective Study Strategies Session

Jolene Vermeulen jvermeulen at upei.ca
Thu Sep 28 18:39:34 ADT 2017

First and Second Year Veterinary Students,

I have heard from some of you regarding attendance of the session on
October 2nd! Remember it is not too late! Please touch base with me by the
end of the day on Friday September 29th if you would like to attend (
jvermeulen at upei.ca or 902-305-4544 or come see me in Lecture A!)

I have confirmed with Dr. Mclaughlin that the session will be *October 2nd,
at 5:30pm Room TBA. *Dinner will be provided. If you have any specific
dietary concerns please let me know!

Jolene Vermeulen

Zuku Review Student Representative, Class of 2019
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