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Good Morning Everyone:

Further to the email I sent you below, I updated the Summer Research and
Leadership Program website and there is now a new URL.  Here it is.


If you have any questions on applying to VetSRA or any of the other funding
opportunities, or if you need any help finding a mentor please don't
hesitate to contact me.  A list of potential mentors is on the website
under SRLP Funding Opportunities.

Please note that the deadline for VetSRA and the Sir James Dunn Animal
Welfare Summer Student Research Award is February 1st.

This is a great opportunity to work on research with a faculty mentor for
the summer and receive a stipend for doing so.

On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 9:36 AM, Darlene Wakelin <dwakelin at upei.ca> wrote:

> ​D​
>> ear DVM students,
>> We are very excited that there are a number of opportunities for you in
>> the summer of 201
>> ​8
>>  if you have an interest in working with an AVC faculty member on a
>> research project. We will be adding new opportunities as we finalize
>> details and placing them on the website. At the moment, we have confirmed
>> funding to support
>> ​11
>>  students
>> ​​for our
>> *Veterinary Student Research Award (or VetSRA)*. This award is for $4
>> ​3
>> 00 and will require another $1
>> ​7
>> 00 in matching funds from an AVC faculty member to make up the $
>> ​60
>> 00 required for a 12 week position. The details will appear soon on the
>> website. So that you can see the concept, we are attaching the award
>> description
>> ​ and draft application.
>>  It will be based on the student's application (not the faculty member)
>> so it will be up to you to identify a potential supervisor and then work
>> out the details with them of a suitable research project that will generate
>> results over the summer. We will have a presentation about these awards for
>> interested students early in the new semester, but we wanted you to be
>> aware sooner so that you can start to think about ideas to develop. The
>> deadline for proposals will be February 1, 201
>> ​8
>> .
>> There may be other sponsored research opportunities arising. These will
>> be listed on the website as we confirm them.
>> Lastly, there is a *Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Student Research Award* for
>> summer 201
>> ​8
>> . The SJDAWC at AVC provides internal funding to support undergraduate
>> veterinary students with interest in animal welfare. $
>> ​6,
>> ​5
>> 0
>> 0
>> ​i​
>> s available to support DVM student participation in research consistent
>> with the goals of the SJDAWC. Funded projects will benefit animals
>> (directly or indirectly), foster awareness about issues of animal welfare,
>> and encourage leadership among students. The project will require a faculty
>> supervisor and will be expected to generate a poster or publication.
>> All information is at  http://awc.upei.ca/student-activities/   *Deadline
>> for students to apply is Feb. 1, 201**​**​8*
> If the topic is applicable, students are encouraged to apply for
>>>> ​both
>>>> VetSRA
>>>> and SJDAWC, but will only be eligible to receive one award. For example,
>> SJDAWC is only welfare but VetSRA is any research topic so welfare topics
>> may be applicable to both but non-welfare topics would only be applicable
>> to VetSRA​.​
>> ​N​
>> otifications will be coming ou
>> ​t
>> in the new year ​for another university based research award called
>> NSERC- Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA). Students interested in
>> applying for the NSERC-USRA  are encouraged to consult with Leslie Cudmore (
>> lcudmore at upei.ca) or the AVC GSR office about the application process.
> ​The link for future reference of more summer research opportunities will
> be:
> and-leadership-program
> The website will be updated for 2018 soon but if you have any questions in
> the mean time, please contact me Darlene Wakelin (dwakelin at upei.ca).
> ​W
> e look forward to expanding research opportunities next semester!
> Larry
> *Larry Hammell*
> Dean (Interim), UPEI School of Graduate Studies,
> Associate Dean, AVC Grad Studies & Research,
> University of Prince Edward Island
> SGS 1-902-620-5111 <(902)%20620-5111>
> AVC 1-902-566-0728 <(902)%20566-0728>
> m. 1-902-388-5111 <(902)%20388-5111>
> email: lhammell at upei.ca

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