[Avc2020] Shelter medicine at San Diego Humane Society: veterinary intern and student opportunity

Karen Roche kroche at upei.ca
Tue Oct 30 09:41:20 ADT 2018

Dear Veterinary Students,

Shelter medicine is a rapidly progressing field of veterinary medicine. At
San Diego Humane Society, we offer interns and students opportunities to
prepare for careers in this fascinating, fast-paced discipline that
combines individual patient medicine and surgery, high-volume-high-quality
spay/neuter, population and infectious disease medicine, emergency
medicine, and forensic medicine combined in a community-conscientious

San Diego Humane Society serves the entire city of San Diego, California
and several surrounding municipalities at three campuses, with a total
intake of approximately 45,000 animals per year. Our hospitals operate 7
days per week, with a veterinary staff more than 80 strong.

San Diego Humane Society accepts four veterinary interns per year: the
program is currently posted on the Veterinary Internship and Residency
Matching Program. Applications are open until 03 December.

Veterinary student externs rotate with us in two or four-week blocks. Some
of these students are specifically interested in shelter medicine, while
others intend to join general private practice. Regardless, students
appreciate the skills and perspectives that they experience in the
high-volume hospital at SDHS as highly motivating and applicable.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,
Dr. Loeffler

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