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Good Morning,

Just a reminder of the deadline to register in Fall electives is this*
Friday, Sept 7th @ 4:00pm. * Please take a moment to check your course
registrations on My UPEI to ensure that your registrations are correct. The
class rosters will be final after the deadline and no changes will be
permitted. See email below with instructions for registering if you haven't
already done so.




Class of 2020,

The third year of the DVM program incorporates a number of elective
opportunities for students to choose from. During the fall semester, three
full-semester elective courses will be offered (see descriptions below).
During the winter semester, there are numerous elective courses that are
scheduled as 5 week modules. Please be advised that academic regulations
for elective courses are the same as for core courses. Students must pass
all elective courses that they are registered in after the registration
change deadlines regardless of how many elective credit hours they are
registered in. Failure to pass an elective course may result in dismissal
from the DVM program. Consequently, students are encouraged to make their
elective course selections carefully.

*Fall Semester Electives*

VCA 3510, VCA 3240 and VHM 3520 are full semester, 1 credit, elective
courses offered to third year DVM students in the fall semester (see
details below). Students may register in one, two, three or none of them.


This elective course introduces students to husbandry, clinical anatomy and
physiology, fundamental principles of diagnosis and management of the most
common diseases in exotic pets.

One hour per week (one credit).

Enrolment is open for third year students.


Students develop a more detailed knowledge of the principles and techniques
used in small animal anesthesia.

Students participate in case based discussions centered on the
perioperative anesthetic management of small animal patients with specific
disease processes. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

One hour per week (one credit).

Enrolment is open for third year students.


This elective lecture course provides an introduction to some of the
principle methods in integrative medicine, including acupuncture,
chiropractic, and other methods.
One hour of lecture per week (one credit).
Enrolment is open for third year students.

*Fall Semester Elective Registration *

Registration for VCA 3510, VCA 3240, and VHM 3520 is unlimited (i.e. all
students can take these courses if they wish). Students can self-register
online via *My UPEI* *for one or more fall semester electives beginning in
now. The times and locations of lectures are available in the course
details. Students not interested in taking either of these options do not
need to take any action. The registration portal will remain open until *Friday
September 7* *at 4:00 pm* when all fall semester registrations will be
considered final. *Students are NOT permitted to drop or add these fall
semester elective courses after this deadline.*

*Instructions for Registration:*

·        Note that you may be restricted from registering for electives if
you have an outstanding past due balance on your UPEI Student Account. You
must contact the Student Accounts Office (not the ASA Office) if this is
the case.

·        Login to MyUPEI

·        Scroll down to *Student Toolbox* and click *Student Planning.*

·        Click *Plan your Degree & Register for Classes*.

·        Note that you have been preregistered in all of your core courses
so these courses are already in your Course Plan and are viewable along the
left hand side of the page. PLEASE DO NOT *DROP* yourself from any core

·        In the *Search for courses….* box near the top right of the page,
enter the number of the elective course you wish to register in.

·        Click *View Available Sections for…..*

·        Note that the course meeting times are shown here for your
information (there is only 1 available section)

·        Click *Add Section to Schedule* and then *Add Section.*

·        Now that the course has been planned in your schedule, locate it
along the left hand side of the page and click *Register.*

·        Registration will close for fall semester electives on *Friday
September 7* *at 4:00 pm*. Elective registrations in the system at the
deadline will be considered final.

·        *Students are NOT permitted to drop or add fall semester elective
courses after this deadline.*
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