[Avc2020] Results for Class Elections and SAVS Election

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students savs at upei.ca
Fri Sep 7 10:31:55 ADT 2018

We would like to thank everyone for applying for the positions available
within their class exec and within SAVS. The results are in for the vote,
and are as follows:

*Class of 2022 Exec:*

President: Kendall Wyman

Vice President: Andrew Cohen

Treasurer: Jessica Childs

Secretary: Katt Anwiler

Fundraising Representative: Kelsey Houston

Social Representative: Nicky Johnston

2022 SAVS Representative: Aly Brown

*Class of 2021 Exec:*

Secretary: Rachel Siddall

*Class of 2020 Exec:*

Secretary: Alicia Van Hoesen

*Class of 2019 Exec:*

Secretary: Rachel Lordahl

*SAVS Exec:*

Treasurer: Samantha Begin

Congratulations to everyone, we hope you all have a great year!


Your SAVS Exec
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