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Hello Class of 2021,

With the start of the academic year rapidly approaching, we wanted to reach
out and provide you with some information about how to access various
information resources related to the DVM program. Please read the details
below and don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Heron at lheron at upei.ca if you
have any questions.

UPEI is currently transitioning to a new information management system for
students so, for the 2017/2018 academic year, you may be consulting
multiple sources to access different types of information as outlined
below. We hope to simplify and streamline this process over the coming year
as more elements of the new system become available to us. We greatly
appreciate your patience during this transition process.

*Username and Password*

You have already been assigned your UPEI username along with your student
ID and PIN numbers in your acceptance email that you received upon
admission. Initially, your password is set to your PIN but you can change
it through Campus Login <https://secure.upei.ca/cls/login.html> using
the *Network
Username and Password* choice and clicking on the *Change Password* button.
If, for some reason, you have not received this information, please contact
studentsupport at upei.ca.


Your username and password grant you access to the university’s information
portal called MyUPEI
MyUPEI contains icons that link to other useful campus sites, including
Gmail sign in, Moodle, and E*Value, as well as a link entitled *DVM Student
Information*. We recommend that you bookmark the MyUPEI sign in page on
your personal electronic device for easy access.

*UPEI Email Address *

The AVC Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) Office uses your UPEI Gmail
account for all correspondence so it is critical that you check this
account frequently.


Moodle is UPEI/AVC’s learning management system and students use it to
access materials specific to individual courses. You can access Moodle
through the icon on MyUPEI
or by clicking Moodle @ UPEI <https://moodle31.upei.ca/> on the bottom of
the UPEI homepage <http://www.upei.ca/>. Just click *Log in* in the top
left corner to enter your same username and password.


E*Value is the curriculum management system for the DVM program. The Office
of Academic and Student Affairs currently uses E*Value to share information
with students including handbooks and forms. This system is also used to
gather feedback from students through general surveys, as well as Course
and Instructor Evaluations at the end of each course.

You have already been sent an email link to complete the Class of 2021
Entrance Survey in E*Value. We ask that you please complete this short
survey by Friday September 15. Thank you to those of you that have already
done so!

Within the next week, you will receive another email with your E*Value
login credentials. Please note that these login credentials are different
from your MyUPEI username and password. Once you have your login
credentials, you can access the E*Value login page here
<https://ca.e-value.net/login.cfm> and access a variety of resources
located on the homepage. We recommend that you bookmark this page on your
personal electronic device for easy access.

*Weekly Class Schedule*

Class schedules continue to be finalized but will be accessible for viewing
as follows:

·         Under *My Team Sites*, click *DVM Student Information*

·         You will see 4 separate calendars here –

                                             i.            Year 1 Fall

                                           ii.            Year 2 Fall

                                          iii.            Year 3 Fall

                                         iv.            Events

·         Use the arrows to scroll through the Year 1 Fall calendar to view
your course schedules with associated room bookings.

·         The Events calendar will contain extracurricular program sessions
and events for DVM students but is not specific to year 1.

Note that schedule changes are ongoing at this time. In the case of a
discrepancy between the schedule available on MyUPEI and the course
syllabus distributed by the course coordinator, please consult the course
coordinator for clarification. He or she should contact the ASA Office and
we will revise the MyUPEI calendar as appropriate.

Academic and Student Affairs
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, P.E.I.  C1A 4P3
T:  902-894-2827
F:  902-566-0958
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