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   - Holiday message from Dean Keefe
   - Sublet: Furnished 1 Bedroom walking distance to UPEI
   - Important information on storm closures and overnight parking

*Holiday message from Dean Keefe:*

2017 has truly been a year of wonderful growth and rejuvenation for the

The College community, led by the Dean’s Council team, has worked together
to implement many of the key initiatives identified in our strategic plan.
Under the “Teaching, Learning and Student Success” pillar, we have seen the
implementation of our new clinical curriculum for final year students and
the adoption and early application of the pre-clinical curriculum.  The new
process of regular review and assessment of course offerings, coupled with
support for ongoing teaching skills development through the education
consultant (Sally Goddard) and the new Director of Instructional Design and
Teaching Innovation (Dr. Sue Dawson), is an excellent model for continuous

We have recognized both the importance and challenges of wellness among
students, staff and faculty. The College established the position of
Director of Wellness Programing (Dr. Tammy Muirhead) which, together with
the support of the Wellness Committee, oversees new and sustained
initiatives in support of our people.  The student peer helper program has
moved from the pilot stage to a continuing support for DVM candidates, and,
very recently, we welcomed Sapphire MacPhee as the College’s Wellness
Facilitator.  These initiatives support the “Teaching, Learning and Student
Success” and the “AVC’s Vibrant Community” pillars of the strategic plan.

The focus in the early implementation phase of the “Scholarship, Discovery
and Innovation” pillar has been DVM student engagement with research and
broadening the base of faculty involved in research. The VetSRA (Veterinary
Summer Research Award) was a resounding success in the first year and will
continue next year.  For the first time in many years, we held an internal
research award competition focussed on new faculty and those re-engaging in

 “AVC’s Vibrant Community” continues to grow! We are so pleased that so
many talented technicians and other support staff, as well as numerous
faculty clinicians, researchers and teachers, have chosen to make AVC their
home. The College is committed to making this an excellent workplace, which
recognizes the contributions of all of the community and supports personal
and professional development for everyone.  It was extremely comforting -
and gives me great optimism - to see the excellent turnout that Drs.
Savidge and Foley had at their communications/conflict resolution workshop
earlier this week. Many in the College’s leadership have engaged in
training to support leadership and community development.  The College
looks forward to broadening these training opportunities, and the
continuation of Christine and Peter’s series in the New Year.

Diagnostic Services and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital continue to
advance under very capable leadership and staff.  Service offerings, with
direct benefits to our primary teaching mandate, continue to grow and
progress. The feedback from clients has been outstanding, and the Council
on Education appeared to be quite impressed with our program.

Finally, under the “Resource Stewardship and Accountability” pillar, the
College is on sound financial ground with 3-year budget projections that
see growth of 2-3% each year. For the first time in many years, we were
able to hold a substantive equipment call from our positive year-end
balance.  Getting to this stage has not been easy, and I thank all the
members of Dean’s Council and the broader college community for their
support and good ideas.

Greg Keefe, DVM MSc MBA
Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island

*Sublet: Furnished 1 Bedroom walking distance to UPEI*

750 Heated, Furnished 1 bedrm.  Pay own utilities (Electric ~$50/mth)

Large deck, private entrance, Top Fl /2 story house.  Beautiful park across
street and Confed Trail.

Available Jan - May 2018 (poss. longer)

Walking distance to UPEI.  Sorry, NO pets

Contact Catherine  *ccoles at upei.ca <ccoles at upei.ca> *
Will send pics to serious enquiries

*Important information on storm closures and overnight parking:*
In 2017, a new University Closure Policy
<http://www.upei.ca/policy/gov/brd/rmt/0009> was approved by the UPEI Board
of Governors and endorsed by the University Senate. The policy and
associated University Closure Procedures to help guide senior management in
making decisions about storm closures and how to communicate them.

The decision to close UPEI is not made lightly. However, in weather
situations where the potential risk to UPEI’s students and employees as
well as property, are high, the University may “close,”* meaning classes
and exams are cancelled and services are reduced.

*How will I know if UPEI is closed?*
The University uses a number of different channels to communicate storm
closures. These include:

   - A message on the home page of upei.ca
   - An email to all students, faculty, and staff to their upei.ca email
   - Updates from the University’s Twitter account, @UPEI, and
   announcements posted to UPEI’s Facebook page
   - Media outlets (radio, TV, and print news websites) are informed and
   encouraged to share our status
   - A message is placed on the UPEI Campus Closure and Alert Phone Line
   - A message is placed on the UPEI Campus Screen network (there are
   screens in several buildings across campus).

*When will I know if UPEI has decided to delay opening or close?*
When conditions develop outside of normal operating hours, announcements
will be made according to the following schedule:

   - 6:30 am - The decision to delay opening or close the University will
   be made on or before 6:30 am. If there is a delay, there will be a further
   announcement at 10:00 am.
   - 10:00 am - The decision to open the University at 12:00 pm or again
   delay opening will be made on or before 10:00 am. If there is a further
   delay, the next announcement will be made at 2:00 pm.
   - 2:00 pm - The decision to open the University at 4:00 pm for evening
   classes or close the University for the remainder of the day will be made
   on or before 2:00 pm.

If the decision to close the University is made during normal operating
hours, it will be announced as soon as possible through the University’s
various communications channels as outlined above.

*Will the UPEI reopen after a closure announcement is made?*
When the conditions that caused the closure improve and no longer pose a
danger to the University community or prevent the normal operation of the
campus, UPEI *may*reopen all or parts of the campus. The change in status
will be announced as soon as possible through the University’s various
communications channels as outlined above.

For more information, email communications at upei.ca

*Reminder: Winter Parking Restrictions*

>From November 1 to April 30, winter restrictions on overnight campus
parking are enforced. Parking Lot “A” is the only lot where overnight
parking is permitted for the winter season. Residents of Andrew Hall and
Bernardine Hall may park overnight in the Andrew Hall lot, provided that
their vehicles are moved to Lot “A” during storm conditions and until the
lots have been plowed after a storm.

If vehicles are left in any parking lot other than Lot “A” during storms or
before snow removal is complete, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's
expense. Facilities Management appreciates your co-operation to ensure
parking lots are cleared safely. If you have any questions or concerns
regarding winter parking, contact Mark Pharand, Manager, Security Services,
at mpharand at upei.ca.

 **Technically, UPEI is only closed completely in extreme circumstances, as
there are essential personnel who need to work on campus and we have
students living in residence. However, the University will use the word
“closed” to communicate to the campus community that classes and most
services are suspended.*

Happy Holidays!!
Lisa Heron
Academic and Student Affairs
avcstudentbulletin at upei.ca
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