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Good morning class of 2021,
Here are the candidates for your winter semester executive. Voting will be
open until Thursday, November 30th at 5 PM and you can access the survey
monkey by clicking on the link below!






Marco Duguay & Patrick Belliveau:

*Hey everybody,*

*When we signed up for the co-president position in September we had no
idea what an amazing and diverse group of people we would be representing.
We've had a great time representing all of you and leading the exec team.
We hope that you will consider us for co-presidents for second semester. We
feel that we have worked best as a team and balance each other out in
important situations. Thank you for a great first semester and here's to 7
more as a class! Marco & Patrick*

*Vice President*

Hannah Porter:

*My name is Hannah Porter and I would like to run to keep my position of
vice president for the class of 2021. Because we have had two wonderful
co-presidents, my job mostly consisted of helping out the other execs as
needed. This included taking meeting minutes before an official secretary
was elected, creating class polls, attending meetings with the dean’s
office for campus events, joining the winter formal committee, etc. One of
the biggest things I participated in this semester was helping plan the
class of 2021’s participation in Open House. This event was hugely
successful and we painted hundreds of faces and made just as many balloon
animals. If elected again for the winter semester, I would like to begin
posting weekly schedules, with color-coated organization to separate
classes from lunch lectures and other events going on at the AVC. I also
hope to continue contributing my ideas to fundraising and social events for
the class of 2021! Thanks!*


Abigail Martin:

*My name is Abbey Martin and I am from Middle Sackville Nova Scotia and I
would love to continue to be the treasurer for the class of 2021! During my
free time (more like time spent procrastinating) I love being outside,
watching Netflix or playing with my cute little kitten. I did three years
of my undergrad at the Agricultural campus for Dalhousie University, in
Truro. Throughout my time at the AC I was involved in many clubs and
committees as normal club members as well as executive members. What I
loved the most about being involved on campus was meeting new people and
collaborating with my classmates. I believe that I would be a good
candidate for this position due to my previous experience of being the
Treasurer for my House Council as well as my strong organizational skills. *


*Abbey *


Justine MacPherson:

*Hi! I am interested in running for secretary again. I have enjoyed this
role first semester, and hope to continue for a second. I have truly
appreciated getting to know our class so far this year, and would love to
be a part of the team that represents you all once again. I am an
approachable person, always interested in hearing your opinions and
concerns. I am organized and would like to be responsible for bringing your
thoughts to the exec committee, and relaying information and details about
important events to the class. *

*Thank you!*

*Justine MacPherson *

*Social Representative*

Jessica Robinson:

*Hi! It's Jess again!  I have really enjoyed being your social rep for
these last few months. It's been a lot of fun organizing our impromptu wing
night, the Christmas movie night and being a part of the open-house
planning committee.   I would love the opportunity to continue being your
social rep and I have even more exciting things planned to get rid of the
winter blues as the days get darker and just a little more dreary.  Perhaps
a trip out to Summerside to jump on some trampolines or an evening trying
out an evening pole class for those who are brave enough?  I have many more
ideas and would love the opportunity to organize these events for you
wonderful people.  *



*Sports Representative*

Cody Bourque:

*Hi everyone! I would like to continue into second semester as your class
sports rep. The first semester was pretty tight to arrange any individual
events, but I am hoping to start a weekly or semi-weekly “sports/active
night.”  I’m also excited to have the chance to help the class of 2021 stay
active, encourage participation, and take the trophy this upcoming
broomball season. Thanks! Cody Bourque*

*Fundraising Representative*

Liz LeGay:

*Hey Plaid Pitties!*

*I would love the chance to return to my current role as Fundraising
Representative on our class executive for next semester. It has been an
honour to work with the executive this semester in setting up events and
fundraisers. *

*This semester I was involved in organizing and running the photo booth
fundraiser at Open House, and the Halloween Locker Decorating Competition.
I am currently in the process of organizing an order of Plaid Pitties
t-shirts as a class fundraiser, and also hope to arrange an AVC clothing
order for next semester. I have been the head of the Winter Formal
committee which has involved working with the manager of The Wave to
organize this event. *

*I would love to continue my work on these plans and I have lots more
fundraising ideas in store for next semester; including a bigger and better
Valentine’s Day Locker Decorating Competition, and Easter Egg Hunt. I would
also love the chance to see through to completion both the AVC clothing
order and the Winter Formal event. I’ve really enjoyed working with the
other members of the executive, and I feel like the experience that I have
gained with this role this semester will allow our class to bring in more
funds in the future :) *

*Thank you,*

*Liz LeGay*

*Isabelle Falardeau*

*DVM Candidate 2019 - Atlantic Veterinary College*
*SAVS President*
*Wellness Committee*
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