[Avc2021] Rabies Vaccinations

Lisa Heron lheron at upei.ca
Wed Oct 11 15:34:11 ADT 2017

Hello Class of 2021,

Your series of 3 rabies vaccinations are scheduled for November 1st, 8th
and 22nd, 2017 at the Student Health Clinic in the Student Health Centre.
There is a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board in lecture C (207N).
Please sign up for an appointment time by next Thursday, October 19th.  You
will keep the same appointment time for all 3 vaccinations and they are
scheduled at times when you do not have a class.  *Only the students that
have not received any prior rabies vaccines will be receiving these

Attached is important information regarding your rabies vaccinations that
you should read over before you receive your vaccines.


*1)  Bring your provincial health card or UPEI international insurance, if
applicable, to each appointment. This will cover the cost of your vaccines.*

*2)  The following students will be required to pay a one time fee of
$30.00 (cash only) on the date of the first injection:*

   - *International students not enrolled in the student health plan*
   - *Quebec residents*
   - *Those with expired provincial health cards*

*3)  You need to be on time for your appointments and remain at the clinic
15 minutes after receiving each injection*

*4)  The vaccine schedule must be followed with the recommended time
intervals between injections so please do not request to change your
appointment time*


Lisa Heron
Academic & Student Affairs
Atlantic Veterinary College
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE C1A 4P3
Tel: 902-620-5128
E-Mail: lheron at upei.ca
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